Pope to «Palestinians»: Israel is your forefathers’ land

The Pope of Rome dont mind Islam ruling in «Palestine».

The biblical land of Israel is actually the «land of your forefathers» Pope Benedict told the Palestinian Arabs in Bethlehem last week.

With this statement the pontiff, who has now departed Israel after five days of meddling in the country’s affairs on a «pilgrimage» he called «a mission of peace» authenticity on the massive deception that is «Palestinian nationhood». At the start, in the middle, and at the end of his visit – which was hosted by the State of Israel at no small expense to the taxpayers and mass disruption of Jerusalemites’ lives – the head of the Roman Catholic Church voiced his strong support for the creation of a Palestinian state on Jewish lands.

His first and last statements to this effect were made unabashedly in front of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – who has been trying to sidestep international demands that he surrender Israel’s biblical heartland to the Arabs.

Speaking at PLO Chief and PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ palace in Bethlehem, where he went to conduct a large mass, the pontiff spelled it out:

«The Holy See supports the right of your people to a sovereign Palestinian homeland in the land of your forefathers, secure and at peace with its neighbors, within internationally recognized borders», he proclaimed.

Myths of Palestinian nationhood and their right to a historic homeland have circled the globe, winning support for this “cause” from virtually every political leader on the planet. In the process, the real origin of the «Palestinians»– whose forefathers hail from Arabia – has been swept aside.

Israelis wondered how the head of a so-called Christian Church could have so wholeheartedly swallowed the Bible-refuting lies.

Source: Jnewswire.com

My comment: Evangelical Christians strongly supports the state of Israel, and do not acknowledge the Pope of Rome as a Christian.

We agree with Zionistic Jews, who claim that the God of the Bible has given the land of Zion to the Jewish people.

We might disagree on who the Messiah is. But most Zionistic Jews holds on to the Biblical Jewish faith, and is awaiting the Messiah to come.

The Messiah is coming. Not to Rome, but to Jerusalem. We shall all see Him is the skies, and next He shall touch down on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. (Zac 14:4).

Published: 20.05.09

4 thoughts on “Pope to «Palestinians»: Israel is your forefathers’ land

  1. The currant Jews of Israel has never lived on Palestinian land. The pope is wrong. The people of Israel, according to the Torah and Bible, are of the tribe of Ashkenazi, son of Gomer, son of Japheth. The Jews of Israel are not Semitic nor are they of Abraham seed. Another name for them is Khasarian. Lies shall pass but Truth shall endure forever. Long live Truth

    1. Dear Joe.

      If you are right, than the Bible is a false book. Because the Bible foretold a return of Jews to the promised land from all nations. Today, there are people from 140 nations inside Israel who claim to be Jewish. Not only Ashkenazi Jews.

  2. The International Court of Justice along with international human rights and legal organizations should present their evidence of systematic,fundamental human rights violations by Israel that would be indisputable before the World Court.

    1. Dear Nicholas.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      You wrote:

      systematic,fundamental human rights violations by Israel

      My comment:

      After Israel withdrew from Gaza, Hamas and other Jihad terrorist organizations fired 8.000 rockets into Israel.

      Has anyone fired rockets into your garden?

      Do you have Islamic suicide bombers following you in the name of «Allah», trying to blow you into pieces, in a bid to reach Heaven?

      Let me remind you, that the Israeli Army sent more than 200.000 SMS´s to the Gazans, to warn them about Hamas controlled buildings that was going to be bombed. A strange thing to do, by «violators» of Human rights?

      Who`s side are you on?

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