Picture of the day from the island of Rhodes

Among many crazy Christian pictures I have seen, this is one of the most bluntly pagan of them all.

Football supporters are really making a big impact in the Greek Orthodox world. It must also be quite a dog life inside this grave yard.

It will not surprise me, if there are plenty of grave yards that might be able to underline the following verse from the Bible:

Matthew 8:22
But Jesus told him, “Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead.”

Source: Danish Christian Daily, “Kristelig Dagblad”.

One thought on “Picture of the day from the island of Rhodes

  1. Very interesting photo and I agree with you. In reading the OT it specifies the construction of Altars.
    The approach to the Altar by those building it and something else very interesting,there were to be no shrubs or other structures even close to it. Why? Because Father God will NOT share HIS Glory in any form or fashion and is explicite in saying so.
    Further I found also that He was explicite concerning the plants and animals. There was to be no cross breeding or hybridizing of plants or animals. What is happening today? The very opposit in what Father God had commanded!It is clear to those with eyes to see and ears to hear that every evil, vile, disobedient and wicked way devised by the enemy and taught to man is coming to a head. In The writings of The Wisdom of Solomon it states that the enemy is allowed to raise his head only to be cut off at the feet and to utter destruction. I believe we are seeing this happening.
    Of course the world will scream not so not so and when they can not stop truth they will attempt to depopulate common man and especially Believers. Ohhh But we Belong exclusively too Father God in Christ Jesus Name and whether we live or die and how we do both is in His Hands and not the enemies!The Land Of Goshen means, Abundance in the face of Adversity, Father God is WONDERFUL!!!

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