Cuban Roman Catholic presented as “Christian”

Cubanian Catholic” Oswaldo Paya were never a “Christian”. Many evangelicals have been fooled to include papists into the Christian family.

Oswaldo Paya bow before the Pope, and kiss the idol on his finger. The ring of the fisherman.

On Sunday Oswaldo Paya was killed on Cuba in a car crash.  Many Christian media presents Paya as a “Christian”.

But Paya was a committed papist, and never a born again follower of Jesus the Messiah.  He was jailed on Cuba for his commitment to Roman Catholicism, and his critic of the dictator Fidel Castor. But such activism never makes a man a follower of the Messiah.

Roman Catholics who submit to the Papacy are involved in idolatry. That actively or silently support a priesthood who rape young children, and worship and adore skulls, bones and corpses.

It is sad to see that the end time universal religion is poisoning also evangelical Christians to accept the Papacy and his followers as “Christians”.  They all loose out on the blessings from heaven. When they are stricken by calamities, they refuse to repent. They rather call God for a liar, and submit to the teaching of men in the name of “Jesus”.

Written by Ivar

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