Transsexual pervert hailed in Norwegian media

Would you like to eat the penis of a Japanese transexual pervert?

This Japanese pervert makes a dish of his own gentiles. Perversion unlimited.

It is disgusting. Its horrible, and should have lead to criminal persecution and imprisonment.

In stead the Norwegian private TV channel TV2 hail this pervert, and present a “funny” story on their website.

The transsexual pervert has removed his male gentiles, cut the meat into pieces, and prepared his own flesh as his next dinner.

He is even selling the dish.

This kind of cannibalism is found worthy of this question to the readers of TV2’s website:

Do you have balls to eat this dish?

It must be said, that Norway just a week ago decided to abolish its Christian constitution, and move back to paganism. The Norwegian media did not lift a finger to defend Biblical Christianity in Norway. Neither the secular media, nor two claimed to be “Christian daily” newspapers.

Here we can see the true fruit of the Norwegian “Christian and humanistic heritage”. TV2 serves the Norwegians what they desire to read and watch.

The Bible explains that there will be seeds of Satan around us. When plagues, sickness and horrible accident strikes them and their families, they will be in need of the Messiah Jesus. But if they do not repent, there will be no one to help them. No one for release their pain and save them from the burning lake of fire.

These penis meatballs are a suitable dish for the seed of Satan.

I do not want anyone to spend eternity there. Not even the most corrupt and disgusting Japanese pervert, and all the Norwegian journalists who distribute this kind of filth and garbage.

But they will have to repent, and beg Jesus for mercy. Than He will save them.

God showed no mercy to the people in Sodoma and Gomorrah, who refused to repent. Likewise the people who copy these two cities in our days, will be cut off from the living and thrown into Hell.

The Bible has warned us in advance. Now It is your choice.

Written by Ivar

7 thoughts on “Transsexual pervert hailed in Norwegian media

  1. What a terribly sad state of affairs this World is in, I am sorry any and all Norwegians that mourn for the rush of their National leaders to shame their nation before The Throne of Grace, I weep and mourn with you. Not only for your nation but all nations who has given their leadership over to filth and worshipping the baser things of Satan. Which he will take them & all who follow these, even further into the mire. Take heart dear brethren of Jesus Christ from Norway, the latter glory of your nation will be greater than the first. Be strengthened in this time and the days to come as we see and enter into even worse than these. Hard to believe there is worse yet, Hell is rejoicing over these fools as they eagerly send out more worse than these to inhabit them!

  2. Incredibly disgusting. There was another mention in the media of a gay man eating 80% of the face off of another gay man in Miami. The Miami police had to shoot him a number of times before he finally stopped devouring the other man’s face and succumbed to his wounds. The other man is fighting for his life in the hospital. Totally reminds one of the Geresene demoniac. Do we need any more evidence that Jesus is coming soon?

    1. Dear Ellen.


      The end times bloggers have a mission. And that is to put the Global media coverage into a Biblical perspective.

      In many Churches, pastors and priests have stopped educating the flock. The Bible has almost been put a side, if it is opened and used at all. Many “Christian leaders” have turned to story telling, poetry and political propaganda.

      When such leaders are challenged to explain their faith, they are using a demonically inspired selection of some Bible verses to prove a “doctrine”.

      We live in the last Sodoma and Gomorrah generation. Just as Jesus the Messiah said. Adults turn to perversion, curse them selves, and their own children.

      Let us be not corrupt watchmen, and display to people what takes place in the World. The age of grace is not over. But the gates to Heaven for the gentiles is about to close. The gates of Hell is wide open, and most of the people are on the highway to the eternal prison, separated from the land of the living.

      1. Ivar ….Amen..a solemn thought, yet a Holy silence in recogonizing The Lord of Glory’s words of warning!

      2. I add my amen to Andrea’s, Ivar. We are presently watchmen on the wall but I think our service is just about at an end. The focus is shifting away from we Gentiles, as the door will be closing soon behind Christ’s Bride. “Her” time on this earth is running out. Our beloved Israel will then be front and center. The Lord Jehovah will bless and keep His Wife through the coming trial! Amen.

    1. That’s an area that The Word is rarely mentioned …where people eat their own children…Ecclesiastes tells us, ‘what was, is, and will be’…nothing new under the Sun…a couple of verses there …

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