Swedish author threatens Israel with massive assault from the sea

In a year’s time there is a plan to return. And then there could be hundreds of boats. And what will the Israelis do then? Release a nuclear bomb to stop us?

This is the threat on Israel, given by the Swedish author Henning Mankell. The International recognized writer was on board the Islamic armada that tries to break into Israeli controlled sea waters off the cost of Gaza.

The bestselling Swedish crime writer on Saturday accused Israel of murder, piracy and kidnapping after describing how the «aid ship» he was travelling on was seized by Israeli forces this week.  In regards to the IDF commandos that was ordered to board the ships, and stop them Mankell told the British press:  «I think they went out to murder»

«And it was the most stupid thing they could have done, because look around, Israel has never been so criticised in the world as of today, and if you ask me, this blockade will be over within the next six months»

Source: The UK Newspaper, The Guardian.

My comment:

Peace activites and Islamic terrorists at war with Israel. A Strange alliance.

The Israeli naval control of the sea of Israel and Gaza do not stop aid form getting through to the people of Gaza

Every week, more than 15.000 tons of aid is received into sea ports of Israel like Ashdod and Haifa. There the aid is going to customs, reloaded on trucks and transported into the Gaza strip.

What is wrong with this?

Why cant Hamas receive this kind of aid directly into Gaza?

The answer is in the pudding. If there is no border control into Gaza, than the Islamic terrorist organization can receive whatever given to them.

The Islamic Republic of Iran would surely like to send them more than just home made cakes.

What is Israel suppose to do whit this? Just accept Iranian «aid» to Hamas?

Would the US give us its border control to people who wants to establish a Islamic regime in Washington?

To end the misery for the people of Gaza, you have to bring and end to the regime of Hamas. Attacking Israel with an armada of ships would be the most insane thing you every could do. This will be the final war on the Jewish people.

First published: June 7th 2010.

Written by Ivar

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