Northern Mali the next Sharia state

Two rebel groups in northern Mali have agreed to merge and turn their territory into an Islamist state.

The desert demon in still active in Northern Africa.Her the army of Satan in Northern Mali.

The Tuareg MNLA, a secular rebel group, and the Islamist group Ansar Dine signed the deal in the town of Gao, spokespeople said.

Ansar Dine, which has ties to al-Qaeda, has already begun to impose Sharia law in some towns. The groups took advantage of a coup in March to seize the territory.

Source: The BBC

My comment:

The fruit of NATOS’s action in North Africa and the Middle East will be more Islamic states.

The World stage is not run by reason and logic, but by the spirit of antichrist. This spirit firstly demands that Islam cripple and kill true Christianity in its area of domain.

Second demand:  The Post-Christian humanistic and secular Western civilization shall join Islam in the final war on Zionism and Israel.

Its a huge spiritual tragedy the takes place on a Global scale. Based on this generation massive rejection of Jesus the Messiah, God of the Bible hand mankind over to their vile and sinful desires. Satan have his way, simply because men have become slave of sin, and take pleasure in their sins.

When problem comes, men curse God rather than being willing to open their Bible, read the truth and repent.

 John 10:10
The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

When they are put into the eternal lake of fire there will be endless time for reflections and regrets, But there will be one not solvable problem. There is no exit to be found. Eternity with demons, evil spirits and the Devil is the wage of their rebellion.

The Bible explains that the wage of sin is death. But the gift of God is eternal life, in Jesus the Messiah.

Written by Ivar  

10 thoughts on “Northern Mali the next Sharia state

  1. Scream Scream Scream and they still refuse to hear…for they have no ears to hear…Plead, Plead, Plead, Beg Beg Beg and they still refuse The Glorious Truth about Jesus Christ…because they have no eyes to see, hearts of Stone…how terribly sad..even a dead bird was once souring the circuits of the sky, fed their young yet, even in this The Heaveny Father knew when it fell to the Earth! As He will hear their screams as they enter the flames of hell…sad indeed, the horrors these inflict on others, ignoring their screams!

    1. Hey Sister, I haven’t seen you for a while it’s nice to see you! (Ole Satan’s job description is to steal, kill and destroy he does it quite well, and he’ll be paid quite well for his services (smile)..all the warmth and special attention possible for eternity.

      1. Hi Andrea,
        I have been having trouble with my computer. I have Malwarebytes and I just bought PC Miestro and I still get the Stack overflow warnings at line 0 and at line 58. I will spend another day working with malwarebytes trying to fix this. My computer keeps threatening me. I have been trying not to use it too much untill it is fixed. It is good to chat with you again. THe world is crashing all around us. Today I will go to the library, I’ll send you a quick note fromm there.

      2. Sister Denise, Well bless your heart..the older I get the more I let all know, (smile) if it don’t is useless to me! Don’t give a flip if it works for others, or if they can fix it within my lifetime (smile)…yet some seem to think since I slowed down I can ‘wait’…”NOT” hahaha look forward to your ‘note’

  2. I got a question….(smile) …Why do the Arabs cover their faces are they that ugly they don’t want to even look upon another except little girls and 72 virgins to pass around like pawns…?? Crazy…even the demons in/with these are seen clearly….

  3. Jacques Neriah an Israeli Intelligence official has written about the Situation in Mali.

    “As has been the case in Tunisia, Egypt, and to a lesser extent in Syria lately, the Tuaregs’ struggle for an independent homeland has been hijacked by better-organized and armed Islamists from Mali and abroad, creating a safe haven for militants in the Sahara – a west African Afghanistan. The implications of such a development could become a new nightmare for the West.” for more details.

    1. This is totally insane…inconceivable to ponder that a Nation as Great as America ( I thought) is and other Nations, would allow this insanity to proceed without hindrance..however it’s clear in the Scriptures of The Holy Bible, that these Nations will do these things…and they actually think they are right…God help us all.. God help us all…His Wrath in Hell is what we deserve, Mercy with His forgiveness is what we get ‘if’ we sincerely Repent and Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ’ …what a marvelous Savior He is, what pure idiots any are who reject and refuse His Great Sacrifice at Calvary’s Cross…Shame and bitter shame upon them all!

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