Glegg: – Force the UK to accept sodomy in marriages

Nick Clegg has criticised David Cameron for allowing Conservative MPs a free vote on government plans to allow gay marriage.

David Cameron still have Bible obeying Christian MP’s in his party. Nick Clegg has already sold his soul to the devil.

The Liberal Democrat deputy prime minister said on Sunday that it was wrong to describe this as a matter of conscience and he did not want the parliamentary vote on this to become “a great free-for-all”.

Some Tory MPs are strongly opposed to allowing gay marriage. On Thursday Sir George Young, the Conservative leader of the Commons, announced that there would be a free vote on the subject because it was a matter of conscience.

The matter was depicted as a U-turn because Downing Street had previously said that collective cabinet responsibility would apply to the decision. But this stance was undermined when it emerged that Owen Paterson, the Northern Ireland secretary, had told a constituent he would not support gay marriage.

Speaking on BBC1’s Andrew Marr show, Clegg said he did not accept that this was a matter of conscience. “If this was an issue that somehow the government was proposing, something which would be an imposition on religion or the churches then, of course, that would be a matter of conscience. We are not,” he said.

“What we’re talking about is that if you are two individuals who love each other, who want to show a commitment to each other irrespective of your gender, you should be able, under law, to get married.

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My comment:

First of all Nazism has finally made it across the English channel. Democracy is over. London is the center of a new totalitarian state, where politicians shall not be permitted to vote inline with their conscious.

That is the political attitude of liberal democrat Nick Clegg. He makes a mockery out of both the words “Liberal” and “democrat”.

Second: Sodomy leads to death and destruction. First and foremost for the person who pervert him self. Second for the nation who bless such perversion.

 Romans 1:27

 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion.

 Jude 1:7

 In a similar way, Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns gave themselves up to sexual immorality and perversion. They serve as an example of those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire.

The decease of Sodomy is spreading quickly on a global scale. Its like the plague coming back, and polluting us all.

The United Kingdom still have a large Conservative minority who will fight the wickedness of Nick Glegg and his supporters.  But the battle of Britain will be lost.

The extreme wickedness and blessing of sin will eventually place the large majority of mankind under swift judgment when Lord Jesus returns. Everyone who will spend eternity in Hell, will deserve this punishment. Because they rejected the only salvation there is, and took pleasure in their life in sin.

Repent of perish.

Written by Ivar

4 thoughts on “Glegg: – Force the UK to accept sodomy in marriages

  1. What is there to say, what is there to say…?? The only secure place of peace, joy and a sound mind is within your own spirit that has been bornagain…jokingly we could say “Beam me up, Scotty, there is no life form here” …heart wise, we’re overwhelmed at how easy these leaders of all faiths, doctrines, tongues, languages, nations, peoples have been so beguiled lulled to sleep, as we see this we see ‘OH What a Great God, they shall see’…This God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, is not one to ignore. His Wrath will assuredly be such all who have followed these paths, will endure for eternity with no reprieve no mercy …Oh dear Jesus, we see the depth of Abraham’s heart in “Lord if there be but 10, 5, etc”. Lot saw it all around him, even his daughters and son-in-laws rejected his pleadings so much so no relative but 2 daughters and a wife with him were saved, even she the wife looked back not forward in fear of God’s wrath! Was is her children, grandchildren other relatives she thought of, Only God knows, yet the reality that these Angels were sent to save Lot and his family…scarey!

  2. Homosexuality is a result of traumatic conditioning in early childhood, i.e. three and half to eight years of age, most often repressed, and poor later life choices. There is no “gay gene”. A community, province or nation that allows same sex marriage legislation is cutting its own spiritual throat. Ancient Rome, Athens and Gomorrah were full of urbane, chic and intelligent people.

    P.S. People hated Moses because he told the truth.

    1. …..Homosexuality is a result of traumatic conditioning in early childhood, i.e. three and half to eight years of age, most often repressed, and poor later life choices… a Demon…that ‘traumatic conditioning early childhood crap’ tries to lift it’s ugly head above the Power of Jesus Christ and HIS Blood..they as Jesus said, Love their sins more than they love HIM! but when/if they repent HE will heal them! (deliver them)..until then they remain turned over to a reprobate mind to do all that is inconvienent with their bodies with same sex male and female alike …same demon!

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