Auction of “Holy blood” of Reagan cancelled

A vial said to contain a sample of the late US President Ronald Reagan’s blood has been withdrawn from sale by an online auction house.

Ronald Reagen acknowledge the Vatican as a statehood, gifted to the Pope by fascist leader Benito Mussolini in 1929.

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation had expressed outrage over the auction, in which bidding had reached over USD 30.000

UK-based PFC Auctions said in a statement that the vial would now be donated to the Reagan foundation.
The foundation said it was pleased the blood would stay “out of public hands”.

Source: The BBC.

My comment:

Just amazing. A sample of the “holy blood “ of Ronald Reagen.

To be frank. Ronald Reagan was the very US President who recognized the Mussolini gifted Vatican statehood.  The US has had an ambassador at the “Holy see” since 1986.

So Reagan might one day be called to a process of beautification.  They can start be examining the blood sample.  If it pleases the papacy, I am sure they will be able to exhume the corpse of the late president.

Friends are friends forever.

Written by Ivar

10 thoughts on “Auction of “Holy blood” of Reagan cancelled

  1. Yeah I remember also the ”Trickle-down effect” ….by the time it Trickled-down to the public the only thing left was the Increase of Bubble Gum!!
    Also, what is it with these Catholics, the Fish Cannery and Candle Sales Businesses are not flourishing as well among the Peons? They are pushing, Blood of (goats) Dead people, and Body Parts, for people to ”Bow Down before”…Keep your eyes Open folks…I do declare, I think well see another U.S. President bowing again! …Opps I’s another U.S. Pharaoh President bowing..hmm I think Pharaoh Obama will be first in-line, he has plenty of practice on bowing before Demonic Ruled World Leaders…(Knock Knock,..Hark is that our illustrious FBI knocking at my door? If I knew you were coming I’d baked a cake!

  2. Reagan was President while I was in high school, and of course all my peers hated him, what with Miss Maggie Thatcher as his partner 😉
    But now that I’m older, I see the wisdom of his leadership. Maybe not trickle down economics (no one’s perfect), but he tried to keep less government which you Scandinavians may not understand 🙂

    1. Dear Ant Writes.

      Sabbath Shalom.

      Since I am by birth one of the Scandinavians, I guess I need to reply.

      I am sure Ronald Reagen had good sides. Like all human beings. But his legacy as the President who approved what Benito Mussolini did in 1929, still stands.

      In regards to the Government, I am not a supporter of federal governments. They all accumulate powers in the center, and will become elite dominated and totalitarian. I am a supporter of the confederal structure of power, that gives the region’s powers of self governance. Canada is in principle a confederal state in the Commonwealth.

      The Church also needs to be decentralized and be ran by self governance. If not we all end up in Papal federal structures with Powers that corrupts, and are not changeable.

    2. Many things we believe while in school and learn as we get older, yet when The Lord opens our eyes we then can see. When I was in school, I remember we were told we could vote. For Eisenhower or Stevenson, we felt like real special people to be able to vote..(smile)…Stevenson said if he got the Election he’d cause all children to go to school year round. Eisenhower said No. What a glorious propaganda the schools perfected even then! (smile)

  3. Hi Ivar,

    You have given a very succinct analysis with the problem of every central government in the world, both past, present and future. The Roman republic is an example of the greater and greater centralization of power as it morphed toward Empire.

    God hates empires (which are, in reality, vast kingdoms) and fought against the Israelites desire to form even a kingdom. Likely, it was those who sought power who pushed for a kingdom—instinctively recognizing that those who were smarter and more aggressive (like they were) would gain power. God told Samuel the prophet that they were really rejecting God as their King (and only God is capable of being a truly righteous King–unlike men). He warned that an earthly king would put their sons in the army and make “serving girls” (which can also mean prostitutes) of their daughters.

    It has always been so, with brief interludes of freedom when local governments were more prominent than central governments. Americans were most free when we had “town hall democracy”—where most of the decisions that affected the daily lives of the people were made by themselves (and by people who they knew and trusted). It was a system more resistant to corruption because no one was very far from the seat of power. There were always stories of petty dictators—men who “owned” their towns but the reality was that the people would often rise up against such men and depose them—seeking more just leaders. But any form of government will not work well when the people themselves are corrupt. The strong influence of Christianity made for much better government in New England because the people feared God much more than they feared any man.

    1. …He warned that an earthly king would put their sons in the army and make “serving girls” (which can also mean prostitutes) of their daughters. …I was just reading this nite before last. Amazing How ‘he reminds us’ things, He tells us that when we hear it we will know it was He who told us (smile). Ellen I don’t hate governments, or leaders in Church’s, yet rather they were submitted to Jesus. In order not in their politics. No child should pick parents, as No congregation should pick the Leader of the Church, that’s God’s job thru His way of elections of choice. Not man’s. I’ve seen too many get chosen who apologize for what they say in His Word. It’s painful to see the way things have changed over the years. I like so many others love America and Love the Earth our Lord God created, yet hate the evil that has overtaken it by vile men, women of all faiths. The ‘all faiths’ have demeaned The One and Only True Faith …Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Israel! To see what is going on lends many hours of prayer for all. You are right when you are in a Church that lifts up Jesus, not doctrine of men, ‘things’ to make one feel this or that, yet just to lift up Jesus, ”all the brethren will be lifted up no matter who they are”…and real love flows!

      1. This is the same scripture in I Samuel that my wife quoted when the current US president was elected. And he is on record as moving toward compulsory public service even for 65 years old, forming a youth guard, much like the hitler youth, and a million person strong public army (not the military so as to not fall under the Constitutional protections). The world is racing headlong to a personal confrontation with the Messiah when He arrives….

      2. You are absolutely right….been thinking about so many I know who believe it’s not that close to His return..sad to say, yet they were taught so many different things, that it’s easier to believe the lies than to believe the Truth. So many believe a Huge Revival will occur
        and all Christians will be ‘restored 7 fold’ what was lost, as well as the rise to receive the wealth of the wicked long before any Rapture is to take place. No Christian will ever suffer any of the tribulation. ??? Though the 1st 3 1/2 years is supposed to be Peace (smile) …so much of the lies it’s like so many who object to the Catholics and other denominations who rule by lies they just can’t believe anything less than what they are programmed to believe and rant in full arrogance.! Sad!

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