Amnesty Int’l defame Israel and support terrorism

In annual report, rights group accuses Israel of committing abuses against “Palestinians”, breaching int’l law.

They chose to defame Israel, and support Jihad. To hell with human rights, freedom and democracy.

Israel is criticized for violating the human rights of West Bank and Gaza Palestinians in Amnesty International’s yearly report on the state of the world’s human rights released on Wednesday.

“Israel maintained its blockade of Gaza, prolonging the humanitarian crisis there, and continued aggressively to expand settlements in the Palestinian West Bank territory it has occupied since 1967,” the report posited.

“Thousands of Jewish Israelis living in settlements unlawfully established on occupied Palestinian lands received every encouragement to further expand, develop and consolidate the settlements even though these settlements are prohibited under international law,” according to Amnesty.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Amnesty International always have a choice.

It can condemn the violation that takes place inside Gaza, where the Hamas cripple and kill members of other Islamic fractions.

Amnesty International do not.

This organization can also condemn the Hamas for putting Arabs in jail without trial and convictions. This is acts of hooligans and totalitarian people.

Amnesty International do not.

The so called watch dog for human rights can condemn both Gaza and Ramallah for the complete lack of devotion towards freedom of speech and human rights. Non of these places have a democratically elected government.

Amnesty International do not.

It is also possible to condoms Islamic terrorism, that manifest it self in a total refusal to recognize the state of Israel. Not only a refusal to recognize, but rather a commitment to the full destruction of the state of Israel.

Amnesty International do not.

Because if this corrupt self-proclaimed watch dog do criticize The Hamas or the PLO, their office in Paris might be blown into peaces by on of “allah”s” suicide bombers.

It is off course much more easy to make the only free and democratic nation in the Middle East their target. Because Israel will not trigger a bomb in Paris, or spoil the fund raising dinners Amnesty arrange, to rally support for radical Islam.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Amnesty Int’l defame Israel and support terrorism

  1. …They chose to defame Israel, and support Jihad. To hell with human rights, freedom and democracy…. “What are these people ‘smoking/drinking’ ??? To support Jihad is the same as one Drunk Idiot telling another Drunk Idiot, “Pass the Rat Poison Buddy, I want to mix it with my Beer” Idiots!! And the World will support these ”Nare-de-know-it-alls” …they get paid more than Minimum wage to riot, march and carry banners of what they want. Just like Pharaoh Kennedy’s father paid thousands to show up and cheer his son onto the Office of Pharaoh’s.

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