The diaspora betrayal of the Jewish state

Worldly anti-Zionist Jewish youth in America represent the enemy from within that bid to destroy the Jewish people.

Jews in the diaspora must support Israel. Also liberals in New York City.

The last article in Time Magazine is just another example of the internal Jewish division.

 A lump of guilt and sadness rises in my throat. I’ve written harshly of Israel’s invasion of Lebanon in 2006 and assault on Gaza in 2009, and on civil rights issues in Israel. But speaking my mind on these topics — a very Jewish thing to do — has never been easy. During my childhood in the New York suburbs, support for Israel was as fundamental a family tradition as voting Democratic or lighting the Shabbos candles on Friday night.


My comment

Isam and replacement theologians rejoices,  and use these kind of stories to attack Christian Zionism and brand support for todays borders of Israel as a manifestation of “occupation”.

It is a touchy issue to speak about Jews who betray each other.

But to be frank. The Bible is full of episodes, where certain Jews backstabs their own people.

Even Moses found it difficult to govern over the tribes of Jacob. Out of pure paganism they abandoned their faith in God of the Hebrews, and built a golden calf in the Sinai Desert.

Our days modern calf is placed in cities all around the World. Materialism and Hedonism of different kinds, keeps the Jews from returning to Eretz Israel, and God of Israel demands from them.

But when they refuse to listen to the fishermen that their God sends out to catch them for Zionism, God of the Bible have another tool He can use. Hunters. When they appear on the World stage, pain and agony come to the house of Jacob.  Their stiff necked attitude is surely a hard nut to crack.

First published 04.10.2011.

Written by Ivar

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