Israel’s border fence almost completed

150 out of 220 kilometer of border fence is completed on the border between Israel and Egypt.

Israel has no choice. Islam destroys everything in its way. Freedom and liberty included. The border with new Islamic Egypt must be fenced off.

A senior Defense Ministry official told Ynet Saturday that the completion of 150 km out of 220 km. of security fence being built along Israel’s border with Egypt is done.

The fence is set up to block infiltrators from Sinai, there remain two prime locations for infiltrators: the Eilat Mountains in the south and the sand dunes near Kerem Shalom in the north.

According to the Defense Ministry, the border fence around Eilat and around the sand dunes is slated to be completed by December.


My comment:

As long as there was a secular dictatorship in place in Egypt, Israel did not have to set up a fence.

The Egyptian army was loyal to its own military dictators, who patrolled and secured the border area.

After the Islamic winter started in Cairo, not a single soul can trust the regime that might come in Egypt.

Israel knows that Islamic Jihad will get free entry into Zion from Sinai. Like Islamic terrorists from Gaza has been fenced off, the same Islamic terrorists will also face a closed and secure border around the Promised land, Eretz Israel.

Written by Ivar

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