Jerusalem day display Jewish unity

If I forget You Jerusalem: Yom Yerushalayim 2012‬

2 thoughts on “Jerusalem day display Jewish unity

  1. jerusalem day parade i love this i wish i can be there and show my solidarity and support with all i hope this wakes up many americans america is about to be doomed as it is straying away from the bible and not blessing israel like they are suppose to be doing. thats why we have tornadoes and storms and floods i hope this parade will alert them wake up now..

  2. Did you ever think that just maybe some of these tornadoes, storms, tsnunamis and floods could be man made? We have the technology to do these kinds of things that we didn’t before. Don’t attribute everything to God!! We need to wisen up to the times we are living in. We need to bless Israel with the Gospel, not arms and money to buy those arms. God will take care of Israel.

    Know Your Enemy (Part 60 – Are The Jews To Blame?)

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