“Holy skeleton” of the day

This corpse is kept for display in an Orthodox Church in Romania.

The dead body of this Orthodox priest have been robbed from the grave, to be kept for display.

 Ilie Lacatusu of Romania (priest) [12/8/1909-7/22/1983] – incorrupt body emits odor of chrism; prophesied the his wife would die 15 years after him.

My comment:

I know it is cold in the winters in Romania. That must be the explanation why the Orthodox clergy has put a topphy on the head of this corpse.  That this skeleton is not “incorrupt” is obvious for all who do not want to feel the odor…

Only 27 years have passed since this priest died. May the grave looters put this skeleton back in the grave ASP.

Written by Ivar

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