EU issues second document blasting Israel

Document critiques Israel for anti-democratic bills, anti-Arab discrimination, not prosecuting settler violence.

The EU use every possibility to attack Benjamin Netanyahu for his defense of Biblical Zionism.

For the second day in a row, the European Union issued a document that had some harsh words for Israel, saying a spate of “potentially discriminatory or even anti-democratic bills” were tabled in the Knesset, and blasting Jerusalem for not prosecuting those responsible for settler violence.

The criticism came in an annual document summarizing the political and economic situation in Israel as part of the EU’s review of its partnership with other countries, known as the European Neighborhood Policy.

While saying that the IDF recently stepped up interventions against settlement violence, the report said the overwhelming majority of cases filed with the Israel Police against such attacks were closed without indictment.

In addition, the report found “media freedom, freedom of expression and freedom of assembly remained problematic in the occupied Palestinian territory in 2011.”

It also said Palestinian economic and social rights remained “hampered by Israeli restrictions on the freedom of movement,” and that “the risk of forced displacement of Bedouin communities increased.”

It also said women’s rights in the country “have become the subject of increasing debate as a result of a more aggressive attitude on the part of the ultra-Orthodox groups.”

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Who said Israel is perfect?

But is the EU perfect?

The European Union should clean up its own mess before pointing fingers towards others.

There have been violence in the EU too over the last years. But Israel do not try to police the Europeans, and tries to support those who want to demonize Europe or true to delegitimize the whole continent.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “EU issues second document blasting Israel

  1. The EU has exactly what to their credit? How’s that working out financially for them? They need to get their own house in order, but the power hungry, God hating, socialist elite work their evil and the people of the world suffer under their wickedness. Not just the EU either, it is a global situation in which all countries of power are involved and the US is right at the top. But the elite blind will not see because they serve the wicked one. The only rest in is Christ, people need to seek Christ. There is no salvation, nor rest, in political systems.

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