Ramallah-TV promote ‪violence and “Martyrs’ blood” ‬

Like the Nazis fought a holy war against the Jews in Europe, Islam is fighting a similar war with Israel today.  Sponsored by Washington and the EU.

The difference between the Islamic ideology and Nazism is only marginal.

Hitler made all his butchers were belts with the the “holy” slogan “Gott mitt uns”. In English: “God is with us”

Just like Hitler massacred Jews in the name of “god”, so do Islam claim their “allah” wants them to cripple and kill Jews.

Behind all this hate and wickedness is Satan him self.

But unlike the Western Civilization’s war against Nazi-Germany, the post-Christian pagans living in the EU and the US, now support the “Jew-killers”.

Hell will be their final abode. Only if they repent, they can avoid the eternal flames. Only Jesus the Messiah can save, and He saves sinners who are willing to repent.

Written by Ivar

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