Exile group: Iran advancing active nuclear arms program

A top U.S. nuclear expert said the NCRI report, like previous ones, should be treated with great skepticism.

Vladimir Putin is doing good business with Iran. Sanctions against the Islamic dictatorship will not prevent it from developing a nuclear bomb.

An exiled Iranian opposition group said on Saturday that Iran has some 60 scientists and engineers involved in a concerted and expanding program to develop nuclear weapons under defense ministry auspices.

However, diplomats say the National Council of Resistance of Iran has had a spotty record with allegations about Iran’s nuclear work since exposing a secret uranium enrichment plant at Natanz in 2002. A top U.S. nuclear expert said the NCRI report, like previous ones, should be treated with great skepticism.

Its latest report, whose details could not be verified, appeared timed to encourage a tougher line at talks with Iran the UN nuclear watchdog will have in Vienna on Monday and Tuesday and six world powers will hold in Baghdad on May 23.

In the six-page report shown to Reuters, the NCRI cited sources in the Iranian government and military as saying some 60 scientists were pursuing bomb-relevant research in 11 agencies operating clandestinely under defense ministry control.

“Information … shows that the clerical regime has expanded the organization responsible for nuclear weapons development,” the report said. “This finding reveals a complete and elaborate, and highly … secret research structure and a network for procurement of the required parts and equipment.

Source: Israeli daily Haaretz

My comment:

There are many “Papenheimer’s” among the world leaders.

They feel that they can make a dictator come a good democrat, by making a union government and peace agreement with him.

World history has proven this kind of ideology and strategy to be deadly wrong.

To believe a single word from a man like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is like believing a single word of Nazi-leader Adolf Hitler.

Von Papen was not alone, bringing Hitler to power. But without the help of the Catholic Zentrum party in Germany, Hitler could not have risen to power.

In England, even the Prime Minister was mislead by this so-called “European peace movement”. Neville Chamberlain came home from Munich in 1938, with Hitlers signature on a “letter that promised peace”. Chamberlain called this work of diplomacy for the way to “peace in our time”.

Written by Ivar

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