Eight out of 10 Presbyterian leaders wants the US Government to end aid to Israel, to stop “settlement expansions in disputed Palestinian territories”.

They are obeying God of Israel on the Mountains in Zion. The Messiah Jesus will bless them.

Presbyterian Church publishes report on Middle East issues that was approved with 82 per cent of the vote during the church’s annual general assembly in Minneapolis.

The report is meant as a guide for the denomination’s more than two million members The move was immediately criticized by Jewish groups.

But other aspects of the report on Middle East issues adopted by delegates of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) earned qualified praise from pro-Israel organizations, which have long taken issue with various Presbyterian statements on Middle East peace.

“We feel we’ve brought together people who previously had trouble talking about some of these issues together,” said the Rev. Karen Dimon of Northminster Presbyterian Church in North Syracuse, N.Y., and chairwoman of the committee that produced the 172-page report.

Ethan Felson, vice president of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, said he still took issue with major aspects of the report, but said it contained important signals that could lessen long-standing tension between Presbyterians and pro-Israel Jews. He said it strengthens support for Israel’s right to exist and removes comparisons of Israeli policy to apartheid.

“Concerns remain, but I have hope that authentic dialogue and better relations can come of this,” Felson said.

Source:  Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

The US do not send “aid” to Israel. The US have trade and defense relations with the Jewish state.

What this Church in the US is asking for, is similar to what 20 Muslim nations have done since 1948.  “Boycott Israel, till we have got our hands back on our Palestine”.

To end “settlement expansion in disputed Palestinian territories”, is to declare war on the Word of God. Because these areas are the ancient Mountains of Zion. The Biblical districts are called Judea and Samaria.

And if the mountains of Zion ever gets “Juden free”, than the Presbyterian Church has managed to make Satan the true God.  Because than the Prophetic books of the Bible are nothing but lies and falsehood.

You better chose wisely which side you want to be on.

First published: 12.07.2010

Written by Ivar