Israeli Unity stress Islamic terrorist

Palestinian president ‘ready to engage with Israel in the UN’

Abu Mazen is not happy with the Jewish people standing united. His own flock is divided and kill each other.

Abbas demands complete settlement freeze, threatens to take Palestinian case to UN if no progress is made in talks.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said on Tuesday he was ready to engage with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on a Middle East peace agreement if he proposes “anything promising or positive.”

Abbas, speaking to Reuters after Netanyahu announced a grand coalition that will strengthen the Israeli leader’s hand, said Netanyahu had to realize that Jewish settlements in the West Bank were destroying hopes of peace and must cease.

Abbas said it was still too early to comment directly on the new Israeli coalition, which saw Israel’s centrist opposition Kadima party join Netanyahu’s government.

While in opposition, Kadima had blamed Netanyahu for the failure of Palestinian peace talks. Kadima leader Shaul Mofaz said resuming negotiations that have been stalled for 18 months was an “iron condition” of his decision to join the government.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The new Israeli Unity government is a mater stroke by Benjamin Netanyahu.

No longer can the possible nexus between the CIA and Ramallah ploy to topple the free and democratic government of Israel, in a bid to enforce the “Saudi peace” plan in the Middle East.

For Abu Mazen unity in Israel means solid support for Zionism. Lies and cheating from the Muslim world can not have its way, and long as the Jewish people stand strong and u united.

Written by Ivar

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