An Israeli newspaper recently hosted a war simulation that showed an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities causing severe damage.

The Israeli Air force will be able to cripple the Iranian nuclear facilities and missile defense, says report.

The report also displayed that the Jewish state not suffering any major consequences for that action.

The Makor Rishon newspaper brought together former government officials and army generals, university professors who are experts on regional players, and journalists who know the current conflicts inside and out to participate in the exercise.

According to the premise of the game, Israel’s intelligence community suddenly learns that Iran is moving sensitive and critical nuclear equipment to protected underground sites.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu quietly authorizes and immediate aerial strike, during which 10 Israeli jets are shot down over enemy territory. The strike succeeds in setting Iran’s nuclear program back at least seven years.

The simulation put the date of the attack on either October 14 or 15. That was somewhat prescient considering that Netanyahu is now expected to announce early elections for the beginning of September, and many believe one of the reasons is so that he can deal with Iran unencumbered in mid-October.

Following the initial strike, the simulation shows US President Barack Obama issue an angry reply and blast Israel for “intervention” in the American presidential election.

Obama is frustrated that the Israeli strike will bring up the price of oil at a time when he is trying to win reelection. However, the White House does not threaten Israel or issue any ultimatums. At the same time, Obama tells Israel it is on its own should Iran choose to retaliate.

Source: Messianic Jewish Magazine Israel Today