Unity government pave way for attack on Iran

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and opposition leader Shaul Mofaz met Monday in order to form a national unity government.

Benjamin Netanyahu has secured Israel from being toppled by the CIA, when Israel launch a military strike on Iran. Shaul Mofaz is an old friend.

The new unity Government in Israel will postpone early elections at the last minute. Under the agreement, Kadima will join Netanyahu’s government and commit to supporting its policies through the end of its term in late 2013. Mofaz is expected to be appointed deputy prime minister, as well as minister without portfolio.

Source: Multiple Media

My comment:

Washington can no longer bid for “regime change” in Israel.

When Israel feel is it time to attack the nuclear facilities in Iran,  Benjamin Netanyahu do no longer have to fear that his government will be toppled by the CIA.

Benjamin Netanyahu has earlier stated that a strike on Iran is not years away. It can take place any time.

Inside Israel, there will not be any radical changes. Kadima broke away from the Likud party. Now its time to say welcome home.

May Jesus the Messiah bless the new unity Government. May He give the leadership the boldness and strength to protect the Jews. May The Messiah appear in their life, and saved them all. Amen.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Unity government pave way for attack on Iran

    1. Dear godsfingers


      You asked:

      Ivar, is there any chance that these new guys are believers or at least believers in God?

      My comment:

      Bejamin Netanyhau is a religious Jew. In this context he believes in the validity of the Hebrew Bible, in regards to the promises to the Jewish people. This is the whole base of Biblical Zionism. The Jews is back home in Israel, not by coincidence, not by a political conviction. But because the Bible is valid.

      Do Benjamin Netanyahu belive Yeshua is the Messiah?

      I beleve not. But if you ask Netanyahu, He will not rule out this to be a possibility. The promises of Zion as a homeland for Jews are valid, regardless who Netanyahu feel the Messiah might be. These eternal promises were given before Jesus was crucified and risen from the dead.

      1. Ah, religious Jew, that’s what I meant in asking. Then he would believe God’s intervention when the USA removes her support of Israel as indicated in Ez 39? Yes? It is remarkable to see the two groups come together in the same Spirit.

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