The truth about Israel and the Mountains of Zion

2 thoughts on “The truth about Israel and the Mountains of Zion

  1. Why fall for those same old tired promises and lies of equality from the devil? Your track record shows that you are a liar, deciever, & murderer! Whats changed? Just look at Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan! You protect the imposter jewish scum while oppressing the non whites in that region! Anyone that points that out is labled anti semetic! What you monsters have to done to Africa alone is enough to be-head every goddamn kkkracker on the planet! The curtain has been removed, we see you! Devils

    HIV AIDS by Jimmy Carter, Ebola, Unemployment, Homelessness, wars disease, poverty such as never seen since the begining of the world. Black people need to remove themselves from the Zionist Nazis Trap to hold on to their country. And dismiss white mans wickedness, do not fall into the trap of Rothschild, and his angels of light but masters of decptions, wickedness & lies.

    you have a man whose essence is Godly, and you have a man’s whose nature is of the devil. Fact……Just as Esau sold his inheritance in the old testament, so therefore, his descendents have hated, and always sought to destroy those with whom the Lord made the covenant. Just as a rejected child constantly tries to pollute the image of the favored child before their father for his love so the white race has to constantly accuse us in efforts to make the covenant seem as a mistake..but AHAYAH knew

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