Terry Jones burns another Koran

Florida Pastor Terry Jones on Saturday made good on his threat to burn the Islamic Koran.

Terry Jones antagonize Muslims. The radicalization of billion of people goes on, and will one day erupt in merciless violence on a global scale.

Florida Pastor Terry Jones on Saturday made good on his threat to burn the Islamic scriptures, lighting a copy of the Koran on fire to protest the imprisonment of Iranian Christian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani.

Jones had threatened to burn the Koran and images of Muhammad back in February as a way to demand Nadarkhani’s release from prison in Iran. Nadarkhani has been jailed since 2009 following his arrest on apostasy charges for his conversion to Christianity and is reportedly facing execution.

Terry Jones put a little bit petrol on a Koran.
and put the words of the false prophet Muhammad on fire.

Wearing an “Infidel” T-shirt, Jones burned a copy of the Koran and an image of Muhammad in a portable fire pit on church property late Saturday afternoon, the Gainesville Sun reported. About 20 people gathered for the event, which included speeches by Jones and another pastor calling for Nadarkhani’s release. The event was also streamed live over the Internet.

Source: The Blaze.

My comment:

I totally disagree with Christians burring the Koran. The horrors of the Koan can best be displayed by quoting from the verses where an Arab named Muhammad tells his followers to cripple and kill for “allah’.

I have a similar experiences, reading the biography of Adolf Hitler. To understand the mind of this antichrist, you should read “main kampf”. By burning the book, you just antagonize political opponents. Better to expose them.

 Ephesians 5:11
Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.

Written by Ivar

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  1. I had an objection to the Palestinians using The Word of God as ”Toilet Paper” and making a show of it a few years ago. Nothing was done about that, except ‘to give them more billions of dollars, and force Israel to give up land.’ So if anyone burns porn or any other such filth, all contrary to The Word of God makes no never mind to me. All the mamsy-pansy treatment of these godless degenerates is what they want. The cartoons on this site, show that also. They wine when they don’t get their quota of torturing, lying and all manner of things. This Pastor in Florida, is not following The Word of God by destroying the devils guide-line to malicious hatred. The Word explicitly tells us, these people will do this more and more as the times get closer to His Return. This Pastor and the Pastor supported this joke of the worlds way of getting their tantrums appeased. This is what the world has come to. Everything is Islamie-sexy-Pope-worshippers-Tree-huggers. Demonic haters of Jesus Christ an all that is decent.

  2. In reference to the Cartoons written above …I mean, it shows just what these people are really all about…cut to the chase…it calls a spade a spade! Not pampering them. As for the ‘antagonizing the Political folks’….It’s about time they get some reall ‘antagonizing’… let some some “Real Men” take them behind the wood shed and whup the crap out of them, …but that’s not going to do them any good either ..at all, for The Word says, the fool and evil men don’t want the Truth, they want to live in the filth they created for others and enjoy taking all the the rights of others while they do as they please. So bottom line two wrongs don’t make a right, that Florida Pastor and his supporting Pastor only showed their anger, as we all get, but we’re to sin not…they did wrong!

  3. Good morning Andrea,
    That’s what you do with trash; you burn it! Eventually, some will wake up and realize that with Islam, it’s not about the unholy koran or about their perverted “prophet.” It’s really not even about the jew. It’s about Satans hatred of the G’d of Israel. Secondary, is the hatred against those who belong to Him.
    People today have very short memories. I’ll just give one example. I seem to remember a young man named Nick Berg who was beheaded, and his beheading was posted on the internet. He didn’t burn a koran, his only crime was being jewish. The only thing that Islam understands is raw power.
    I openly give two thumbs up to Terry Jones. He is willing to publicly call the unholy koran exactly what it is……TRASH! As we all know, he does this at the risk of his own life; something that each one of us may soon be called to do. The question is will we show the same courage as Terry Jones?

    1. You know a few years ago some women got together and I fully agreed with their concept on how to handle Saddam Hussein..he and a few others were acting the fool..the women said, ‘They need their pants pulled down and whipped their butts till they could not sit down with a Hickory Switch. (smile) But even that won’t work, this is all about God’s Plan for Israel and those who support Israel and the ‘ones grafted in’…all these others know that, and it ticks them off royally! (smile) That’s why they hang on to what they got so viciously. They know, what’s coming down the Pike for them, ‘from God’..and it’s not the Easter Bunny (smile)…the same spirit cries, don’t be mean to us…’you’ have to walk in love, tolerance, understanding…(Spiritual Brats) ..they have read The Bible, it’s not new to them.

  4. Why burn just the Quran? There are lots of other false religions and they have their own books. Was it a religious statement or was it a political statement? I think we need to be very clear as to what we are about. I do not believe the pastor’s actions served to do anything but antagonize not just radical Islam but all of Islam. It was a foolish thing to do (and the Lord takes a very dim view of foolishness—it is in His list of “vile” sins in Mark 7). I can understand the anger and frustration but I do not approve of the deliberate act.

    1. This isn’t about burning books on “false” religion. It’s about sending a message to the Islamic world. We refuse to give the unholy koran any legitmacy as a religious text. It is a handbook on the whole sale murder of christians and jews, as well as a satanic book of sexual perversion. If you find the deliberiate distruction of the koran so foolish; then don’t do it. That’s simple enough. However, don’t be so critical of those who choose to make a public demonstration; political or religious, on the proper disposal of trash.

      1. Denise you’;re funny…I like your description of ‘trash removal’…Oh Glory…but if he had not gotten the book in his possession in the first place it would not have been available for a Bonn-Fire of a Weenie Roast…if they roasted Hot Dogs…haha ..

    2. You ask ‘Was it a Political or Religious statement?’ I really don’t know the man’s heart, it has not been revealed to me. I do believe his zeal about this problem is eating at him, till he thinks this will help get that man free. I don’t see it happening. There is too much under the table dealings with the USA and Iran and other countries. Brother Paul tells us ”it’s spiritual we’re fighting..so that’s a given on not burning their Trashy Novel..and any Book that condones men marrying 7-9 year old little girls is PORN!

  5. Denise,

    You said: “However, don’t be so critical of those who choose to make a public demonstration; political or religious, on the proper disposal of trash.”

    Is that an order? 🙂 Seriously, what do you think it accomplishes, Denise? I am fairly certain that it will be played up in all the Islamic media as “Crusaders hate Muslims—see?” Are you angry that other Christians don’t think it is a wise thing to do? If so, why? I could say the same thing to you—“Don’t be so critical of others who disagree with the action.” I am definitely no fan of Islam but I fail to see how this can do anything but incite violence against not only Western interests but specifically against Christians.

    1. Ellen, the way this world is today, no one needs an excuse to incite violence. It’s their recreation for the weekend, and their great joy for not being bored during the week. As for the Muslim world, getting upset…well they can get ‘UN-upset (United Nations will pacify them..) in the same britches they got upset in’…! They won’t they’ll milk this for all they can get out of it and then some! And America will give it to them….poor babies, the nasty Christians are so mean to them…!! (smile)

      1. I agree with you, Andrea. But why give them any extra ammunition? When we are talking about 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, it is definitely “baiting the bear” to do something like this. Many innocent people will die from this behavior—expect it. It makes us look like we are spoiling for a fight and Islam has already been spoiling for a fight for a long time. We are to be peacemakers—not warmongers. “Blessed are the peacemakers…” Yes?

        “What if they gave a war and nobody came?”

      2. What if they gave a war and nobody came….(smile)..most people would go home with their tails between their legs…but these people would only bomb, torch, maul,attack their own neighbors to vent their lust for blood of other people. …Revelation 13:7 And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. …Besides anyone that ‘dies, suffer for this act’…the burning of the book of lies, did not do it, the ones who are filled with hatred will be the ones who will be doing it and the ones who defend the evil doers will be the ones who don’t see that this ‘was allowed’ to be done.. There is a porch and there is a yard. Check out David’s decision on what to do with the ones who were (faint of heart)…in a War.

      3. Andrea, I wonder if anyone told David that cutting off Goliath’s head, putting it on a stick, and waving it at the Philistines was over the top, or unsportsmen like behavior. I don’t think that they worried whether or not this would incite the Philistines to further violence.

      4. If he lived in todays world he would be counted as an Antagonizer …and John the Baptist would get his head chopped
        off again by Pharaoh ‘again’…Jesus would not win any brownie
        points either by referring to a nation of people as ‘dogs’ and to call Herod a Fox…hmmm (a Fox is an Egg-Sucking-Chicken-Thief) haha..Oh isn’t our Family of God wonderful!! I just love ’em…yet it took Jesus to bring me to this point, without the help of the ‘Go Green Tribe, Tolerance for all sin, let them teach your children, as they molest them, let them have ‘Muslim Killings’ world wide..Oh yeah ..great Court of Rulers.

      5. I was thinking about the ‘1,000 for-skins’ today…Wow…Only a Man can do that ( I think), but in todays world, we’re all called ‘Bloody people if we even speak the Name of Jesus in a public place…it’s just not the thing to do, it ‘might offend’ others. Also ordered by the U.S.Government…don’t matter how much Christians are offended!

    2. No Ellen, I told you that this is not about religious dogma. You can’t just lump Islam in with a bunch of unscriptual religions like Mormons or Catholics. Islam is an ideology, and a legal system which exists for the sole purpose of making sure that no one is allowed to worship any god but Allah. Submissiveness, kindness, and gentelness, are all seen as weakness by muslims. Just being jewish sets muslims off. Sadly, christians are just begining to get a taste of muslim hatred. As for Pastor Terry Jones, I don’t presume to know anything about his walk with the Lord. I do know that he is courageous, and is willing to stand up to Islam.

      1. I agree that Islam is a political ideology as well as a religion, Denise. But we have very capable people in our governments and other governments around the world who are actively seeking to manage the conflict between their ideology and ours. As Christians, we need to follow our Lord’s example and refuse to get in the middle of political fights. Jesus refused to side with those who cooperated with the Roman Empire or on the opposite side with the Zealots. His concern was with the souls of people. It is hard to stand by and see Christians being martyred like this poor pastor in Iran. But, even though it is devastating, we must rejoice that he knows where he is going and acknowledge the martyr’s welcome that waits for him (and he would be a real martyr—not some murderer/suicide as in Islam). Do you think that the authorities in Iran will be swayed by this pastor’s display? It is what they would expect by their own hateful standards. How much better to plead for this man’s life in the world’s media. For this pastor to do this makes the media even more jaded in their opinion of “Fundies”. Do you not think that those watching Jesus die were struck by His calm and peaceful surrender of His spirit? Even a Roman officer was impressed to say, “Truly, this was the Son of God!” (Mark 15:39)

        I am as ready as anyone to fight a war of words with Islam—I believe Jesus would have done the same. He never shrank from rebuking and calling out error in the beliefs and practices of the ruling Jewish authorities—neither did John the Baptist. But a deliberate act of provocation? Would John the Baptist have marched into a Roman temple and thrown rocks at some pagan idol? Somehow, I just don’t think so.

      2. Ellen,
        I don’t know who all these capable government leaders are? They’re certainly not here in America! Islam cannot not be managed, it must be destroyed. It is pure evil.

      3. to some part Denise, I agree with you..I rarely see anyone in America doing anything public in regards to Our Lord…instead of all the ‘we would offend the evil doers if we whisper too loud about Jesus’…!


    1. You can try to lay that act at the feet of many ‘innocent Christians’ in the East…but it don’t float! …mad dogs will bite, maul, attack without any provocation. The same with those who use excuses to express their hatred for Israel, Christians anything to do with Jesus Christ! Now that is a fact. The Scriptures even tells us that…

    2. Hi Ivar,
      The acts of violence committed against others, who had nothing to do with the burning of the unholy koran, is not Terry Jones’ fault. The fault lies squarely on the muslims who acted out violently against innocents. This is what they do, it’s called TERROR. They don’t need an excuse, they love bloodshed and death.

  7. Ellen, if that Pastor was not walking in the Word in what he did, yet if we actually thought and gave credence to the possibility ‘anything anyone could do could set the Muslims off, is giving the spirit of fear free reign in all around the world. So the cow-down to that fear, and today is the fruit of that fact. Granted the advertising on the TV will incite many to jump on the Band-wagon to defend the poor mistreated Arabs…(reminds me of the song back in the 1950’s Ahab the Arab..the Sheik of Ara-bee..(smile)..Ellen I am not playing down the burning of that ‘book of demonic lies, and pornography’.. yet we all will express our zeal in one way or another, when the time comes, this man may have been pre-mature in how he went about it, but the bottom line that has not been touched yet is…this godless uncircumcised book breds pawns for Satan and comes against The Most High God and the Apple of His Eye, Israel…so if one book was all that man could get his hands on to me that’s pitiful. IF America could get their hands as many as the Muslims have burned, we’d have one huge Bar-b-que! Which God will have in the finaly analyse for all their Muslim, Catholic, Mormans and other false religious books that breds more tenants for Hell.

    1. What about the burning of new testaments in the state of israel
      by the priests and rabbis? What about burning our sacred book?
      Their motivation is because they hate Jesus whom they crucified.
      They hate the author of life.

      1. What about it? Anyone who wants to ‘burn books’ …instead of What The Word says for them to do is a prime example they will not listen to you, me, and especially Jesus! No matter who they are…and hard-headed closed minded people express their zeal in some weird ways…it makes them no less than a Brat! and that is told to us by brother Jude, and many if not all of the Prophets as well as Jesus Christ His self.

    2. Hi Andrea,

      “Wisdom is proved right by her children.” It is very important that we remember there are more people watching than just Islam (although, we want to reassure most of Islam—there are a great many Muslims who sincerely desire peace—that our intentions are not radical toward them). It says a lot more to people about who and whose we are, if we avoid the juvenile antics of Muslims (I’m speaking of burning Bibles—not the violence). Hatred will ALWAYS beget more hatred. There are many Muslims who are turning away from Islam to Christianity at every moment—and they are attracted to the love and grace in our faith. The radicals are full of hatred and violence anyway—do we want to swell their ranks?

      1. Hi Ellen,
        There are some muslims who are coming to faith, but rest assured, it isn’t because of the love and the gentleness of christians, any more than the kindness of the jews ever softened them. Most of the muslims who have become followers of the jewish Messiah have come to faith through visions and dreams.

      2. I think we have a coin here with both sides, by no means, shape or form do I believe anyone of The Lord would advocate brutality, walking in the flesh. There is a zeal, that has a tremendous, anointing on it just like our ‘walking in love’ does also, along with the commandment of our Lord, to love our enemies. We love them, enough to tell them the Truth, Only The Lord God draws these any people to Him, only he adds to the Church thru His Holy Spirit. Conviction of Sin is a Merciful Gift…Repentance follows, it too is a Great Grace of Love. Holy Sermons are set on the back burner and replaced with the Love Message not to ‘offend’…The Word of God convicts us all in one way or another, as He raises us up..that too is Great Love. We have a choice to accept it or reject it…Iranians, Iraqi’s, any Nation of Islam, there is no Nation called Islam that is their faith, and they are called Muslims..Not Christians! They have a zeal too, to destroy Israel!

      3. Thank you Andrea! It’s time for the wild olive branches to rise up, and act a little wild! When Yeshua returns, this time, He is returning as the Lion of Judah, as a warrior King. \Not little Jesus, meek and mild. It is time for us to stand up against evil, call it by name, and confront it, head on! And perhaps even burn a koran or two. It is high time that we publicly call Islam evil and stand behind our brother, pastor Terry Jones. It makes me sick when I see Christians attack each other, and in effect, give Islam a pass, and an excuse to keep on killing! BURN, BABY BURN!

      4. Sister, First let me say, I have no desire to keep my mouth shut (smile) where Truth is smothered for the Vile lies of this World’s Campaign to lead the goats and the bleating sheep who lays with the Evil One. However I have no desire to burn their books…Let them have them, I hope they choke on them! I’ll even pass the Ketchup!! and Milk!! Just today I see The Campaign of one ending his race, and passing his ‘people he gathered’ to another Vile Demon Ruled Pharaoh-to-be. Yet he cried ‘Christian Morals’ …Liars! Yes Jesus is returning soon as The Lion of the Tribe of Judah..It won’t be long before places like this will be cut off. You can bet your bottom dollar, Ellen is right, ‘Many others read this’..(smile)..so a message to ‘them’…Repent & Believe on The Lord Jesus Christ or Enjoy your ‘Reservation in Hell’

      5. Mild, Radical, or any other such name ‘recently added’ to the Love Muslim Campaign…they are ‘still Muslims…a Muslim is a Muslim…it’s like ‘you can’t be a little bit pregnant…either you are for Israel and/ Jesus Christ or you are not. We see this Lie-Campaign recently by Pharaoh Bush Jr, you don’t call it Swine Flue…’it offends the Pig Packing Farmers, and it offends the others who make millions off of the people around the world. Sister, this goes deeper than ‘love your neighbor’..to really love them spend time on your face in Intercession before God, and speak the Truth to let others know, if you ‘want Jesus’ you have to do what He said to get him..First and foremost…Repent…and …Believe…all the love will be realized and come after you realize you have ‘Sinned against God’..and deserve Hell. Have a Blessed day Sister…I am enjoying this topic, but very tired, still building up strength. (smile)

  8. Believers of Jesus and followers are to live by the spirit and not live to the flesh. The first fruit of the spirit is love. Love is kind. Love is patient.It does not envy. It does not boast.It is not proud. It is not self seeking, it is not easily angred, it keeps no record of wrongs.
    Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices in the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perserveres. Love never fails. ? Is this guy acting in a way that the spirit leads or is he acting in the fleshful nature which are Gal.5:19-21 among the list is
    hatred,discord, fits of rage,selfish ambition, dissensions, factions…
    God’s word says Love never fails. And some of you who are commenting about his behavior,thinking that it is good and right
    ought to rethink what your saying. Jesus said “you have heard it said to love your neighbor and hate your enemy. But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you that you may be the sons of your father in heaven. Jesus knew and knows that the best way is love, because it never fails

  9. Hi Denise,

    You said: “…I wonder if anyone told David that cutting off Goliath’s head, putting it on a stick, and waving it at the Philistines was over the top, or unsportsmen like behavior. I don’t think that they worried whether or not this would incite the Philistines to further violence.”

    Israel was a an ethnic/religious nation. We are not—our citizenship is in heaven. Because we have been granted grace—we are to extend it even to our enemies. Israel was told to make war with its enemies. We are called to love and make peace with our enemies. Our fleshly instincts are to behave as badly as the rest of the world—but we will win more souls by refusing to curse our enemies and instead bless them, as difficult as that is.

    1. I’ll remember to pray for those who persecute me. However, in the interum, I will also fan the flames of Pastor Jones’ koran burnings. I find his behavior far more pallitable then the actions of other prominemt pastors who spew some interfaith heresy, called Chrislam.

      1. Well, no one is speaking of “Chrislam” here. It should be denounced, of course. We should disassociate with any pastor who insists on diluting or perverting the faith—that is what we are told to do in the New Testament. We should first try to reason with them, but failing that, we should have nothing further to do with them and we should warn Christians about their lies.

      2. Satan will love your passivity. And will keep on killing. Fighting evil, and publicly calling it by name, while sharring the gospel with all those who will listen, is what we are called to do. It is the work of the Holy Spirit to do the rest.
        One day, Yeshua might ask you; “How did you treat My brethren?” While the muslims were killing them; what did you do?

  10. Hi Denise,

    You said: “There are some muslims who are coming to faith, but rest assured, it isn’t because of the love and the gentleness of christians, any more than the kindness of the jews ever softened
    them. Most of the muslims who have become followers of the jewish Messiah have come to faith through visions and dreams.”

    There may have been some who came through those means, but I personally know of several Muslims who have been induced to investigate the claims of Christ by the love and truth shown to them by Christians. I think we sometimes forget that we have a lot of Muslims in our own country. I know a Lebanese Christian couple who are afraid to let anyone know that they are Lebanese. They usually tell others that they are Greek Cypriots—which isn’t exactly a lie—they are of Greek Cypriot extraction. But they were born and grew up in Lebanon before immigrating here. They fear reprisals from those who believe that all Lebanese are Muslims. They witness to Lebanese Muslims. They show them the love and grace of God and the importance of reading the Bible. This pastor’s actions work against their witness.

      1. It is impossible to be a Muslim Christian or a Muslim that follows Jesus Christ…..Muslims are pertaining to the religion, law, or civilization of Islam. a Christian is one that is ‘born again’ by The Spirit of God. So when they claim or we hear ‘they are Muslim-Christians..Hog-spit (smile)

  11. Hi Denise,

    You said: “I don’t know who all these capable government leaders are? They’re certainly not here in America! Islam cannot not be managed, it must be destroyed. It is pure evil.”

    And just how do you think we should go about doing that? There are 1.6 billion Muslims on the planet—probably half of them are children. Are the vast majority of Muslims any more evil than Hindus, Buddhists or atheists?

    I am reminded of something that Golda Meir once said to Anwar Sadat before sitting down to peace talks, “We can forgive you for killing our sons. But we will never forgive you for making us kill yours.” Israel is in a fight for its existence. We are not in their position. We can afford to show a bit of grace toward those who believe they are our enemies. Despite what warmongers would have us believe, Islam is not a threat to us here in America. A few of them might get a few of us—that is true. But really, would you have us fight a war of annihilation against all of Islam for the sake of a few violent criminals? Really?

    1. Ellen,..you said…”We can forgive you for killing our sons. But we will never forgive you for making us kill yours.” Israel is in a fight for its existence. We are not in their position. We can afford to show a bit of grace toward those who believe they are our enemies. Despite what warmongers would have us believe, Islam is not a threat to us here in America. ….Oh Beloved Sister of our Lord and the Household of Faith, Islam is a threat to us here in America, so is Catholicism, Mormonism, Homosexuals, Lesbians, Man loves Boys, Women loves Girls, and all the other godless cults, countries, ideologies. That’s where the root of getting all the ‘rights’ taken from us. We are in a Major Spiritual War, and all around us we see Christians straddling the fence, then joining the forces of ‘Unity…to walk in love (as they use that to kidnap God’s children spiritually…Chrislam is a huge threat..Christian Schools teaching little boys their parents are not to make them feel bad, if they want to put holes in their ears, same for little girls, parents are not to deny them their expression of their emotions.

      1. There was a Christian Police Officer years ago, who shot a man who had killed someone, fleeing the scene. After calling out ‘Stop, Stop …the man turned around and aimed his gun at the Officer..Bam!! Well his remorse was not what he did, but ‘at the Dead Man who ‘put him in that position to kill him’…The Holy Spirit helped him, in God takes no delight in the death of the wicked …yet He increased Hell to receive these who follow Satan!

    2. Good morning Ellen,
      PRAYER! PRAYER! PRAYER! And a willingness to stand PUBLICLY against Islam. Please undrstand that no amount of kindness or captitulation will ever work. Islam is Satan’s earthly organization.
      I hate Islam with every fiber of my being! Everyday, members of this demonic cult kill my people, without mercy, and then celebrate. If you are grafted into Israel then these are your people too. Let’s not forget, that Islam is now killing christians everywhere. Are these not your brothers and sisters as well? Personally, I can’t stop them, but, I can tell you this much. I refuse to sit quietly while another holocaust takes place. If that puts me or my family in danger, then so be it! If these murderers wan’t to lay blame at my feet, because they are offended by my words; then so be it!
      The spirit that is at work today, is the same spirit that was at work durring Hamens’ day. It is the same spirit that rose up in Hitlers’ day, and many other times through out human history. This spirit dosen’t respect kindness.
      If the oppertunity should ever present itself, try asking a muslim why they don’t find the teachings of Islam offensive: for instance, having sex with the dead, or with young children. Ask them why they don’t find the killing of their own children offensive, or their treatment of women. If they’re honest, they will tell you that the koran teaches these things. Now, I find that offensive!
      I think that HaShem expects us to speak out against this plegue, called Islam. For Zion’s sake, I will not be silent! Perhaps, every church and every synagogue should have one day where all of us, world wide, called upon the G’d of Israel, in repentence, and together cry out for the Messiah to return, and together burned korans, What will the muslims do; kill all of us?

      1. I never said that I thought we should be silent. I think we should beg long and loud for the life of this Iranian pastor. But why should we antagonize ALL of Islam when it is the actions of Iranian fanatics which have endangered this man’s life?j

      2. Hi Ellen,
        Please, tell me why any of us should ever beg the followers of Satan for anything? You are the daughter of the King, and you would grovel before the satanic hordes? This is not humility, it’s insanity! It is also a an exercise in futility. By all means, pray for the Iranian Pastor, as we all should be doing. This pastor is more free in that Iranian prison than most of the people that we pass on the streets everday. At most his jailers can take his life, but rest assured, his spirit will be escorted by angels, into the presence of Yeshua. His captures are the ones in prision, not him. However, we must keep him in prayer beause he is our brother. Now, start acting like a daughter of Zion.

  12. …it keeps no record of wrongs….The we all need to throw The Bible in the Trash…So, you disagree with what is said by some on this topic that don’t agree with you…then Sweetheart pray for us, we always will be praying for you too. (smile) Use that love towards your own brethren in Christ. Elijah spirit, was just as anointed as those who walk like the wife of Nabal. Both are needed. The ::?:: was ‘What will you do when they come in your world. I pray your stamina will be as strong as you are now. I really do. After-all we are not standing up screaming ‘kill ’em all’..but we’ll not ignore what they are doing and it’s not going to stop till Jesus returns! Tis so sweet to Trust in Jesus!

      1. Denise….Oh Glory…Amen Amen Amen….I’ll even run to the store and get ‘Milk’ …(smile)…and as to your remark about…What will they do? Kill us? Are they threatening the Children of God, to ‘see Jesus’??? (that’s like the Brer=Rabbit and Brer Fox…”Ohh Brer Fox, please don’t put me in the Briar Patch!” (smile) Seriously Sister, if people could ‘see’ in the Spiritual Realm they’d see just what you are talking about. God showed this to the prophets about what was going on ‘behind the scenes’ yes …Children Pray Pray Pray.

    1. I pray that I will remain strong in the faith if they come into my world. Do you not use that love toward outsiders as well. So what if they are not moved by it. Its the right way to be. But God’s word said that love never fails.

  13. I admit, I have not read all the comments on what this Pastor did.

    We have a prisoner in Iran and the Pastor thinks that burning the Koran is going to help this prisoner.

    A Pastors job is to feed the sheep.

    Jesus should be the Pastors teacher and Jesus commanded that we love one another, even our enemies.

    1 John 2 says

    1 John 2
    4 Whoever says “I know him” but does not keep his commandments is a liar, and the truth is not in him,

    By this act of hate the Pastor is not displaying an ounce of love toward those who blindly follow Islam, he is making himself their enemy.

    His Bible tells him to love them, their bible (koran) tells them to kill their enemy.

    Clearly this man does not serve the living Christ Yeshuah of Nazareth.

    He said

    Matthew 10
    16 “Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.

    Clearly the pastor has a lot to learn, and his sheep need to separate themselves from him, he is a wolf.

    1. I have read, and reread your post, and there are some things are a bit concerning: I don’t understand why you would condem pastor Jones, a fellow believer. Surely, it is Islam that should be condemed, and not your brother. Pastor Jones brings more attention to the plight of our christian brother being held in an Iranian prison, then is brought to bare by all of the whining done by the rest of us. Do you realize the danger that Jones has placed himsef and his family in, by his public desplay of burning a koran?
      Don’t be so quick to call your brother a “wolf.” Are not the muslims, the real wolves? They claim that they are a “peaceful religion.” NOT! Think back to 1967, Israel took back possion of Jerusalem and as a jesture of peace, gave the muslims control over the Temple Mount. Did this bring peace? NO! Did this stop the killing of jews? NO! Today, jews cannot even pray there.
      Yeshua has sent us out among wolves, I dare say that brother Jones is not a wolf. I say that the real wolves are the sons of allah.
      Yeshua also asked this question: “Who are you to judge another mans servent?” Something to think about.
      Im shocked that korans don’t burst into flames, just from their hellish content. I for one, would love to be turned loose on the Temple Mount with a gas can and a pack of matches.

      1. Denise,
        Peace and greetings.
        Wolves are obvious, But wolves in sheeps clothing are the deceivers. We are warned to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

      2. Hi Todd,
        I fail to see how Pastor Jones is deceiving anyone. True, he is annoying to the muslims, but, I don’t have a problem with that. As far as I can tell, what he does, he does right out in the open.
        Consider this: Let’s say that you want to share the gospel with someone, it dosen’t even have to be a muslim; all that is nessary is that it occures within earshot of a muslim. Let them hear you say that Yeshua is the son of G’d, and they will be highly offended, and offended to the point, that they will sever your head from your body. You see, it makes no difference whether you burn a koran or not. The real offense isn’t the koran, it’s the name that you carry.

      3. Amen Amen and Amen again! It’s all about ‘That Wonderful Name…JESUS..! You can say, God, Father, Christ, Son, In Your Name, In that Masterful Name, Holy Spirit, Anointed One, Holy Ghost,…but when you ‘start mentioning JESUS’…that’s when the Fire goes out of the “Love, Tolerance and Patience and those condescending smiles, turn to ”pure hate”…’You are offending people’..Oh yeah!! And you can tell which Denomination has their favorite catch phrase name to end a prayer..’In Christ Name’..(smile) JESUS JESUS JESUS JESUS JESUS !!

      4. Ha ha ha ha ….Sister get in line, I’ve heard that since Jesus came into my life. One lady told me the night I got Baptized, “You better watch out, be careful what you do and say, Satan knows you chose Jesus, you’re on his ‘Hit-list” Being a Babe in Christ, I told her, ”No, Satan had his chance with me, he blew it, he can take his threats to Jesus, I’m busy serving Jesus the rest of my life and then thru Eternity”….Oh Glory what a ride (smile)! Went out today to the Post Office had a wonderful time, and got so tired, had to take an Old Ladies Nap (enjoyed it), getting stronger every day, Thank you Jesus!

  14. Denise
    Peace and greetings
    You are correct in pointing out that he is not deceiving anybody because what he does he does publicly. There is no disputing that.
    The question is, should he do it. What is gained by doing it. Does he really think that Iran will release a pastor that they are holding because he burns the Koran. I hardly think that will happen,and will
    flame their fire of hatred toward “christianity” even more and possibly make things worse for the imprisoned pastor. What does the pastor gain from his actions. As someone has posted ,he is placing his family at risk because of his actions. That is not heavenly wisdom. The wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace loving,considerate, submissive,full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. Earthly wisdom is opposite all of that. I know that maintaining and living out heavenly wisdom is difficult. But when we are living in the spirit we are careful and should be always checking our behavior to see if it is appropriate.
    We are to be different from the world. When the rest of the world observes behavior such as this pastor, what do they think. Maybe a lot of the world would say he is right in doing what he does. But they would be in agreement because he is acting just as they would, being guided by wordly wisdom. the kingdom of heaven that xist here on earth is different from the world. All the pastor gains from it is his ego is fed and he gets all kinds of publicity from it. That is all wordly gain. What does it profit a man to gain all that. In the end how is he remembered and what did all of it do to build the kingdom here on earth. We must always ask before we act, Is this going to be good for the kingdom? Will this bring honor to Christ. Will the father above be delighted in it?

    1. Brother Todd ..”You said”…the kingdom of heaven that exist here on earth is different from the world…. The Kingdom of Heaven exists ‘in the believer’..(it is freely given to us within our spirits which are born of Him (Jesus), ..it is not in or of this World, this world is ruled by Satan. Just as there is a difference in and location of The Kingdom of Heaven & The Kingdom of God according to Scripture. It is of Jewish Nature, and The Kingdom of God is of Universal Nature, of which when God has put all the enemies at Jesus feet The Kingdom of Heaven will be merged into The Kingdom of God. At least that’s what The Word says (smile) We are never told to ‘Seek the Kingdom of Heaven we are told to seek The Kingdom of God.

  15. Jones knew his action would irritate, not only Muslims, but others as well. I seriously doubt whether anyone thought, or thinks, that Iran would release Youcef Nadarkhani because someone burnt a Quran. The article says,

    “About 20 people gathered for the event….”

    I think that speaks volumes. Only Jones knows, truthfully, in his heart, why he decided to do it. To say it was to cause the release of Nadarkhani is, I think, naive and shows a lack of understanding. I hope the reason, as flawed as I think the burning was, is to motivate a hieghtened movement for his release but there are certainly more productive ways of doing that than alienating his captors.

    1. ….yea more productive ways of doing sometihng to get a Brother in Christ Jesus to be set free from the Enemies of Jesus and Israel…you can contact your Follower of Pharaoh Hillary Clinton & Follower of Pharaoh’s Court, John McCain, one each of a party that rules America, and when they get thru with their Drunken Parties together to see who can drink more, they’ll take it to Pharaoh’s Court and that group of ‘carers of the Worlds people’ will show as much care as the Original Pharaoh’s Court did with the soldiers at Valley Forge under another General who begged for help while his men needed shoes, food, blankets, etc in the Winters’ Snow. Oh yeah this group ‘cares’…I’d rather cast my cares upon Jesus 🙂

      1. I wasn’t talking about contacting politicians. The best thing anyone can do for Youcef Nadarkhani is keep him in prayer before the Lord. Instead of organizing a burning, organize prayer meetings. Spend time spreading awareness of his persecution instead of burning a worthless book.

      2. Prayer is always the Number 1# thing to do, on a daily basis, on everything, whether it be yeah or nay…I would like to think there are many who would ‘be aware’ to get the man free, however, it is not new to the ones in Power to get the job done on either side of the Propaganda Isle which is alive and well in ‘all countries’. It’s a shame one has to beg, plead get petittions to get things done that is ‘right’ but the leaders will take the Glory Stage when it is profitable to get it done..another fact (smile). We see this every Christmas also. Especially among religious groups.

    2. I certainly agree with your assessment, Dave. I think that we would be inclined to be much more successful if we were to petition our government and international agencies to intervene to save the life of this man. It makes Muslims look like a bunch of Neanderthals to do something like this. They need to be brought to a realization of what their actions look like to the rest of the world. Total fanatics cannot be reasoned with but I suspect that there are many in Iran who are not fanatics.

      1. Good morning Ellen,
        Good luck with your petition. Oh, and by the way….yesterday, a Red Cross worker was beheaded in Pakistan, even after the Red Cross added a cresant moon to their logo. Somehow, I don’t get the feeling that Islam is all that concerned about good PR.
        I pray that you will come to realize, that the followers of Allah don’t respond to kindness, they use it as a stepping stone for futher exploitation. They will not hesitate for one second to cut your head off, after which, they’ll throw it at you, just for their own amusement.

      2. Denise, Well, well, well Looks like the garbage can has been raised up and Lookie what’s underneath!! All manner of creepy crawlers (smile)…This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine (smile)

  16. hi Andrea
    Again, peace and greetings.
    You are correct in saying that we are instructed to seek the kingdom of God. Actually that is what we are to seek first. You also differentiate the location and meaning of the two kingdoms. ie kingdom of heaven and kingdom of God. I understand them to be the same. Does it really matter that much. Some would argue and debate to death that they are not and as you say they will merge and be the same some day. When Jesus was here he gave instruction on how to pray. Some call it the Lords prayer and some call it the model prayer that we should pray. In it he said “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. The will of the father was and is that the kingdom that exist in heaven is the kingdom he wants to exist on earth. At least that’s the way I see it. The kingdom in heaven is the kingdom of God is it not. That’s were God is. He wanted then and wants still even now that same kingdom to exist on earth. But he knew that this would only be possible if he he could be here and live among his kingdom people. So he put his spirit in them. The first ones being his elect Israelites (Jews if you will) and then gentiles. In doing so his people whom he has chosen live in and according to his spirit. They are not controlled by the evil one but by the spirit of God’s son Jesus who is God. In short, that is how the kingdom of God/Kingdom of heaven exist on earth. I have observed the kingdom alive and well here. How wonderful it will be to experience the reality of it when we are in heaven where there is no sin This is how I have concluded my understanding of the kingdom. Don’t let it matter, but agree with one another in the Lord

    1. Todd, yes there is a difference and yes you are absolutely right, many would fight to the death to say I am wrong…they can ‘RIP’ those scriptures out if they so want to …so let them fight, I’ll continue to trust and believe The Word …as for agreeing with one another ‘in The Lord’….I always go back to the Cross we can agree there….( then as time goes on The Holy Spirit can and will open the eyes of those who ‘agree with The Lord in His Word’..so all in all Peace reigns among the brethren (smile) at least in my heart it does. Oh ‘we are to reign with Him on Earth’..so there’s a great happening between here and in Heaven (smile)

      1. Hi Andrea,
        Greetings and peace
        Did some studying today.
        Have some verses for you to consider
        Matt 5:3- Blessed are the poor in spitit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven
        Luke 6;20-Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the Kingdom of God
        Matt 8:11-I say to you that many will come fromthe east and west and will take there places at the feast with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the kingdom of Heaven
        Luke 13:28,29- There will be weeping there,and nashing of teeth, when you see Abraham,Isaac,and, Jacob and all the prophets in the Kingdom ofGod,but you yourselves will be thrown out. 29. People will come from east and west,and north and south, and will take their place in the kingdom of God.
        Matt 10:7-As you go, preach this message the kingdom of heaven is near.
        Luke 9:2-and he sent them out to preach the kingdom of God
        and to heal the sick.
        Matt 11:11,12- I tell you the truth: Among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist; yet he who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he. 12. From the days of John the Baptist the kingdom of Heaven has been forcefully advancing and forceful men lay hold of it.
        Luke 7:28-I tell you, among those born of women there is no one greater than John; yet the one who is least in the Kingdom of God.
        For lack of time to give numerous other verses, why do you suppose the writers use both titles of the kingdom at the same events. It is obvious that the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven are the same in the context of these verses.
        Othe passages are Matt 13:11,Mk.4:11,Luke8:10-Matt 13:31,Mk4:30,31-Matt 18:3,4,Mark10:14,15,andLuke 18:16,17
        Thats why I believe the Kingdom is here and now and has been since John the Baptist was advancing it.

      2. Todd…You mention ‘writers’…(smile)..I see one, ‘thru Men chosen of God to say ‘Thus saith The Lord’…there are many who would ‘nit pick’ His Word, to their peace..I was only ‘trying to share’ something He gave me with a brother also like me by grace’…You also say…That’s why I believe the Kingdom is here and now and has been since John the Baptist was advancing it….So you did some ‘gold nugget digging’ in The Word…cool….
        Luke 8:17 For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.
        Luke 8:18 Take heed therefore how ye hear: for whosoever hath, to him shall be given; and whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he seemeth to have. (You are in my daily prayers Beloved of our Lord Jesus as I also covet your prayers in Him)

      3. Andrea
        Upon thinking about the topic of the kingdom, I can only think that Jesus or John the B named the kingdom one or the other
        K of G or K of H,but why would one writer specifically Matt. refer to the kingdom as the K of H and Luke refers to the Kingdom as the K of G. The only answer that I can come up with is that Matthew’s readers would have mostly been Jewish and because the Kingdom is called both heaven and God it must be a spiritual kingdom and not a physical one. I will pray for you as you have requested beloved sister in the Lord Jesus and am doing so as I write.
        Have a blessed day

  17. Hi Denise,

    You said: “Good morning Ellen,
    Good luck with your petition. Oh, and by the way….yesterday, a Red Cross worker was beheaded in Pakistan, even after the Red Cross added a cresant moon to their logo. Somehow, I don’t get the feeling that Islam is all that concerned about good PR.
    I pray that you will come to realize, that the followers of Allah don’t respond to kindness, they use it as a stepping stone for futher exploitation. They will not hesitate for one second to cut your head off, after which, they’ll throw it at you, just for their own amusement.”

    Like I said, these actions just make Muslims appear to be brutal Neanderthals. There is certainly a criminal element there, to be sure. Those in leadership of nations like Pakistan will need to rein in these elements, if these nations are ever to be respected in the world. These terrorists actually make money by what they do— in that, they are mostly just like ordinary criminals. Most criminals are nihilists and I would expect that these criminals are little different. There are a number of extremely wealthy individuals who sponsor this kind of thing. I pray that more moderates gain control of these nations.

    1. “…try to find a wash-rag and/or towel that is not “Made in Pakistan”….Well everyone has to ‘make a living’ ..even the workers of darkness…and those who pay them well..I’ve noticed over the years, anytime America gets in a ‘discussion’ with any enemy of Israel, they wind up ‘giving that Nation cart-blanch on as much merchandise to flood America…up to and including billions of dollars, knowing the labor in these countries are slave wages also! My my my what a Wonderful World we live in, “Yep Toto, we are in Kansas” (smile)

    2. Hi Ellen,
      Did I mention the fact that things are not going to get better. Only worse! We are in the last days and the birth pains will only increase as this earthly system draws to a close.

      1. I too believe that we are in the last days but Christians have always believed that from the beginning. Many early Christians believed that they did not need to keep written records because the Lord would surely be coming very soon. But I suspect that some of them had an idea that He would not be coming back for a number of years. The Apostle Peter indicates that in 2 Peter 3. In any case, we are to believe and act as though He was returning today. Christians believed that Hitler was the Antichrist during WWII and I do believe that, in many respects, that may have been the “beginning of the end”—especially because of the founding of Israel out of it.

        However, if we look at God’s relationship with Israel as being instructive of the ways that God works in the Redemption History, there could be coming a time of relative calm and an upturn. It doesn’t seem likely but our perspective is narrow. The nation of Israel was in steady decline almost from the beginning. But God always has a remnant and Judah was that remnant for a number of years—and there were times that were relatively better. The “revival” that occurred under King Josiah of Judah was one example.

        That having been said, I see more and more apostasy everywhere I look—but that could change.

      2. I was just reading a post on another site. 21 more christians were murdered this week in Nigeria. Israel is back in the land, the desert is blooming, the Hebrew language has been restored, the christians are realizing that they too, belong to the House of Israel. One new man! Just too many things are happening today that points to the soon return of Yeshua.

      3. Good Shabbas to you Ivar.
        Just finnished making my mint chocolate cup cakes. I’m going to relax, spend some time with the Lord, and eat a ton of sugar.

      4. Ohhhhhhh my gooodnesssss…..someone actually says ”It will get worse”…(beside The Word of Almighty God) (smile)….and I thought what is and has been taught….American Christians won’t have to suffer one iota only those Jews who rejected Jesus…cause the ‘Rapture Bus’ is coming for all the good little Christian/Easter Followers of the ‘Name it Claim it Group’…hmmm …

  18. I can’t disagree but I am cautious about projecting how soon “soon” could be. Could be another couple of centuries (although that seems unlikely given the rapid decline that we are currently in).

  19. Ellen also given to the fact that Jesus told us…when you see these things ‘know’….(smile) ..’Know’..

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