The Vatican wants to take China for the papacy

“Obedience to Christ and to the Successor of Peter is the presupposition of every true renewal and this applies to every category within the People of God,

The Pope is a replacement for "god" on Earth. He sits on his throne in his man made temple in Rome.

This is a statement issued by the 5th Commission for the Catholic Church in China hosted by the Vatican April 23-25.

Vatican stresses fidelity to Church in evangelization of China

Although “aware of the particular difficulties of the present situation,” the commission said, “evangelization cannot be achieved by sacrificing essential elements of the Catholic faith and discipline.”

China has an estimated eight to twelve million Catholics, with about half of those people worshiping in government-controlled Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association. Founded in 1957, it does not acknowledge the authority of the Pope.

Today’s communique paid particular tribute to the “bishops and priests who are detained or who are suffering unjust limitations on the performance of their mission.” Admiration was also expressed for the “strength of their faith and for their union with the Holy Father.”

The communique concluded with a reminder that May 24 has been set aside as a Day of Prayer for the Church in China. The date marks the feast of Our Lady, Help of Christians and will “provide a particularly auspicious opportunity for the entire Church to ask for energy and consolation, mercy and courage, for the Catholic community in China.”

Source: CNA

My comment:

With hardly 12 million Catholics in China, the Pope has along way to go to bend 1.4 billion people to accept Him as “vicar of Christ”.

There is about 100 million new Christians in China. Neither do they accept the “Churches” controlled by he Communist party nor the claimed to be bishop of Rome.

To be able to hank in his kind of Christians, the Pope needs to work with the communist leadership.  A deal must be done.

Not authorized faith in Jesus has always been dangerous to the men in power. The moment the Holy Sprit starts to move, the movements hasve to be stopped and contained into religiosity.

For the Communist party of Chine, the Pope seems to be the way for their ultimate survival. The Pope is able to stall any uncontrolled revival in China, that can give a threat the supremacy of the totalitarian regime.

Like in Cuba, the Communist leaders can be willing to make a grand compromise with the papacy.

If the Pope give them a guaranty that the Communist Party will remain in power, the Pope will be given the right to define what true Christianity shall be for the Chinese people.

The Chinese will be forced to accept the Pope as the  “Successor of Peter”, and the “Holy father”, the very replacement for “god” on the face of the Earth.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “The Vatican wants to take China for the papacy

  1. Of the five “official religions” of China, the Catholic Patriotic Association (CPA) ranks as number two on the list of “acceptable” religions. Since the RCC already eschews the ROMAN Catholic moniker, it might be an easy thing for the Roman church to eventually take over the CPA (especially if bribes to Communist Party politicos were forthcoming). The CPA only has a few mildly “Christian” doctrines (they have a “theology of love” and obedience to the state). However, there are more CPA officials who have been jailed than those of the “Three-Self Patriotic Movement” which is number one on the list of approved religions and is officially “Protestant”. (Presumably, the Communist Party bigwigs are attracted to the idea of the “Protestant Work Ethic”.) Some of those heading these two official “Christian” religions in China are also secret members of the thriving underground house church movement. It has been estimated that there could be as many as 100 million Bible-believing Christians in the house churches.

    Since the RCC seems to be rapidly jettisoning any true Biblical teaching that remains, it will be interesting to see if the RCC pursues an attempt to take over the CPA. The one universal edict of the Communist government of China is that Bible reading and preaching are prohibited. That shouldn’t bother the RCC too much, since the RCC hierarchy have always maintained their right to ignore Scripture for the sake of what they deem to be politically expedient.


    This is slightly off the subject, but is anyone else bothered by Pope Benedict’s eyes? John Paul’s eyes always seemed to be “dead” in his later years but I see something that is somehow “ugly” in Ratzinger’s eyes. I shuddered the first time I saw a photo of him as Pope. I found this photo to be especially disturbing. Maybe it is my imagination.

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