False Christians against Israel

Ultimately, the aim of groups like the World Council of Churches is not biblical.

WCC Secretary General Olav Fykse Tveit and the Pope agree that Zion does not belong to the Jews.

The World Council of Churches recently sponsored a debate on the situation of Christians in the Middle East.

This debate went unnoticed by most, but which provided another huge red flag in regards to the direction the Church is going as it relates to Israel and the Jews.

Meeting in Volos, Greece, a collection of 30 theologians, social scientists, politicians and church representatives. They labored for five days to decisively identify the reason for shrinking Christian communities across the Middle East.

They could have saved their time and their money for other things like, you know, feeding the poor, because everyone already knew what the conclusion was going to be.

Israel, and specifically Zionism, is making life untenable for Christians in the region, announced the group in its closing statement.
“…conflict situations such as Palestine…have seen significant drops in the Christian populations because of Israeli occupation,” said the World Council of Churches, ignoring the myriad other reasons why Christians no longer feel comfortable or safe in a society where Hamas can win a landslide electoral victory.

In place like Egypt, where Christians are increasingly being targeted for their faith in the wake of “democratic” revolutions, the council attributed the shrinking Christian demographic to “economic and immigration realities.”

This was to be expected from the World Council of Churches, a Geneva-based organization that represents 347 Protestant churches and denominations, and counts among its constituents more than 500 million Christians world-wide.

In a 2007 conference in Jordan that also focused on dwindling Christian communities in the Middle East, the group called for a political crusade to end the Jews’ “occupation” of their biblical lands.

When it comes to the Christian situation in the Middle East, Islam is just not a problem. It’s all those pesky Jews.
The Church in general has a long history of dedicating resources to harassing the Jews and painting them as the “enemies of Christ(rians),” which the Bible specifically warns against.

Many thought we had moved beyond all that, that the horrors of the Holocaust had finally woken the Church to how wrong it had been.
In fact, those Christians involved today in this new brand of Israel-bashing will most loudly protest the label of anti-Semitism. But, as the saying goes, “methinks they do protest too loudly.”

What the World Council of Churches and others like it are doing is rebranding that most anti-Semitic of doctrines – Replacement Theology.

Instead of calling for their heads, this new brand of Replacement Theology sheds crocodile tears for the Jews as mistreated lost souls who once tasted God’s goodness, but have since been replaced as His “chosen” because of their rejection of Jesus.

They do not hate the Jews (at least not openly), but they believe the biblical promises made to national Israel have expired.
And that is where the State of Israel comes in. If God’s promises to national Israel are no longer valid, then modern Israel has nothing to do with biblical prophecy or God’s plan of global redemption.

And, if God’s big picture plans don’t include the reborn Jewish state, then these Christians feel freer to pursue their unbiblical humanist agenda – seeking what they call “social justice” for Palestinian Christians.

But Jesus never taught his followers to fight for “social justice” by seeking political sovereignty. He taught that His followers would be persecuted and should endure that situation with humility and meekness in order to reach their oppressors, real or perceived, with His message of love.

Ultimately, the aim of groups like the World Council of Churches is not biblical, it’s not even about genuine social justice.

Whether they know it or not, whether they accept it or not, their agenda is about advancing the cause of Islam and reversing what God is doing in this land.

Source: Israel Today

My comment:

Well said. Even though Jesus would have made it even more clear.

 Mark 7:8-10
You have let go of the commands of God and are holding on to human traditions.” And he continued, “You have a fine way of setting aside the commands of God in order to observe your own traditions!

Another way to express the same:

Those who let go of the command of God, are doing the devils work. In regards to Israel, a lot of the devils work is being done in the name of “Jesus”.

Dear Jewish brethren.

That many false Christians do harm to you in the name of Jesus, must not block you from seeking and embracing the true Messiah, Yeshua from Nazareth.  Many who believe in Jesus (English translation) are lovers of Israel and the Jewish people.

First published 18.07.2011.

Written by Ivar

13 thoughts on “False Christians against Israel

  1. Race means nothing either one is of thee spiritual seed of Christ, and heirs heirs to the promise to Abraham, or one is a spiritual edomite those who love the flesh.the flesh lusteth against the spirit and the spirit against the flesh.

    Either one is a born a again Christian circumcised of the heart Rom 2-29, a spiritual Jew in Jesus Christ in the House of Israel, or one is a spiritually uncircumcised Gentile of the outer court,. Sheep or goats. All flesh is dead in their sins, no flesh is good.

    There is no revolving door of despenasational salvation. It is all Jesus or nothing. choose this day whom he will serve. Come out of HER (Mystery Babylon organized religion) my people, lest ye be partakers of HER plagues and HER sins.

    Jesus made everything one at the cross. If one is stuck in the outer court of 2 they are cut off. Their is no Jesus plus anything, its just Jesus.

    One Shepard one, fold on King. No “two” butts about it.


    1. Dear Bill Johnson.


      You wrote:

      There is no revolving door of despenasational salvation. It is all Jesus or nothing. choose this day whom he will serve. Come out of HER (Mystery Babylon organized religion) my people, lest ye be partakers of HER plagues and HER sins.

      My comment:

      You mixed up a lot of things in this comment. “Mystery Babylon” is the Roman Catholic Church, and all who support her. You might end your “race” joining the Pope, serving a false “Jesus”. To serve Jesus is, more than anything, to do God of Israel, our Fathers will. To curse Israel and the Jewish people, is not doing the Fathers will.

      Matthew 7: 21-23 applies to you, and your flock too. There might be a lot of evil you have done in the name of “Jesus”.

      One of the challenges in the end times, is to stand with Israel and the Jewish people. Not because they are saved, but rather to avoid us losing our salvation. Harming Israel, is like bringing curses down on our own heads. Please keep in mind that Jesus of the Bible is the King of the Jews.

      1. Mystery Babylon is the chruch, the whore orf REV 17-18 and the 2nd beast of revelation 13 with two horns. All organized religion leads back to Rome. Besides they all get their permission pappers from the same beast, which makes the beast the head of the Corp. capital “C” church. The they throw Jesus under the bus and honour the beast and seek him for prmisssin and leadership. As for Israel, it was translated into the spirit at the cross. (the story of the Potters clay in Jeremiah). If you want to bless Israel then love thy neighbour as yourself. The Israel of God is in Galations 6, they are the born again Christian’s in Jesus Christ.

        The whole end times middle east is a hoax and a drama set up by satan the master deceiver, the center core of it is the Jesuit Vatican who controll the British Empire, who inturn controll the 1947 GORT inforcement arm which is the US.]

        Jesus while speaking of the end of the world and the great triibulation in the Olevette discourse, He said 3 times that the whole world will be deceived. Man is completely blind with out the Holy Spirit, and the restrainer which is the gopel has been removed and there is complete darkness in the world today except for a tiny remant the 144,000. The 5 sleeping virgins the multitudes will wake up when the hail sweeps away the lies. as in Isaiah 28-15 they have all made lies their refuge and under falsehoods have they hid themselves for they (the church) have made an covenant with death, and with hell are we in agreement.

        In verse 18 God says He will not stand for their foolish agreements and will dissanaul them. this is when by tribulation the multitude wakes up which will be the last great harvest. In verse 20 He tells the church thet you made your bed now lay in it.

        Keep you eyes off the flesh world, keep them focused on Jesus Christ only, and walk in covenant with Him, all else is and illusion and vanity.

        The locust armie has been released in Rev 9 and it incompases the church, come out of her and seek Jesus in truth and in Spirit. Everything in the flesh is a deception, the kingdom of god comes not with obsevation said Jesus, meaning it can only be seen with spiritual eyes, the flesh will never see it. As Jesus also told them ( this evil and adulterous generation is not worthy of a sign, except the prophet Jonas. This generaation is found in 2 Tim 3 the last generations of perilous times. Meaning the only sign given is to repent and turn back to the Lord, but the carnal mind which always thinks in the flesh will never get this, it can only be understood by the spiritual mind of which the holy Spirit reveals to.

        secular Israel is a Corporate intity (corpse a dead body). Created by the UN, like wise all the other counties in the middle east in 1947-48. Corporate fiction of the Plae Horse beast the UN. God does not deal with treaties heads of state, lawyers etc, HE is way above the idiot mind of man. He does not save countries, religions, groups, people of oaths, sects, etc or any ither fiction formed by lawyers and the elete families. Jesus Christ saves one at a time, it is a one on one relationship between the believer and Christ.

        My desire is that all come to Jersus Christ who is the only salvation no matter what their race is. Race matters none, the could call the Hiwaiians the chosen people and it woud also be meaningless. Come out of the flesh and into the Spirit. The flesh profits nothing. All who follow Christ Jesus in truth will be persecuted said Paul.

      2. You have been brainwashed by people like John Hagee. The promise was to Abraham not to the NATION of Israel, We are children of Abraham by faith. He believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness. Paul said that the Jews are enemies. Jesus said to love out enemies and bless those that curse us. This is not replacement theology. The Gospel is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek. Paul says, as concerning the gospel, they are enemies for your sakes: but as touching the election, they are beloved for the fathers’ sakes.

      3. Dear Free 2 See

        Shalom and love in Jesus.

        You wrote:

        The promise was to Abraham not to the NATION of Israel.

        My comment:

        That was a funny way to look into Genesis 12: 1-3: It is very diffcult for one man to become a nation. And if there is a promise of a nation, than there are many objects of that promise.

    2. IF there is no second comming and a rapture and a thousend years and after that a new heaven and earth .Than all what is left is fake healings and speaking in tonges.

  2. Nope.
    Gods words are FOREVER.
    God shows in the Old Testament that when he brings his people (the Joos) back into their land, he will “Bless those that bless them, and curse those that curse them”
    How do you deal with Jesus being a JOO?
    There are almost 400K Christians and Messianics living in Israel, and They are a remnant that God will save, plus others that will also be saved.
    Just because you support the Jordanians (palis) does not give you the right to call Christians false.
    A tree is known by its FRUIT.
    Unless you have met each and every one Christian, you are judging and condemning your brother/sister. God will not tolerate this attitude of self righteousness.

  3. God has a remnent in this world who have not compromised with the world they are His people, not just in Isreal. for the true Isreal of God is all people who have come to christ by faith. from where ever they live, and what ever their race those things mean nothing to God, we are to pray for the peace of Jeruslem and the only peace that will ever excist in Jeruslem will be in the hearts of those who give they’re lives to Jesus. this world cannot bring us true peace. Jesus also said we are not to curse anyone even if they curse us, we are to pray for them, The bible says that in christ all are made one there is no difference now between jew and gentil, all are one in christ. I don’t understand dispensationalists who contradict scripture when it comes to Isreal now. Jesus predicted that Isreal would be destroyed and never ixist agin, that wich is called Isreal is an artificially upheld state supported by the US. if they withdrew theyre support Isreal would be bankrupt in a short time , and fall apart, it should not exist as a physical nation. scripture says who are the true jews? those who are curcomsised in their hearts they are the true Isreal of God.

    1. God promisid Abraham that his ofsprings and Isaak ofsprings would inheret the land.
      If thats not true than God is a lyer and we better trow our bible away.

  4. Is the Bill Johnson speaking in response to the article on here Bill Johnson from Bethel church in Redding? Just curious.

  5. No it is not. Someone on here is trying to stir up trouble. Bill Johnson from Bethel Church in Redding has a MUCH better grasp of spelling, grammar and English than that!!

  6. One just has to read all the prophecies about Israel that have come true. God has not finished with Israel otherwise the bible is not true. Much that is happening there has been foretold right down to the regathering of the Jews from the nations, a nation being born in a day, the deserts blooming like the rose, the fruit being exported to the world, the shekel being introduced and the Hebrew language being rebirthed. One could go on and on. God has His eyes on Israel. there is no doubt about it.

  7. Bill Johnson? I don’t know…I have read posts of articulate people before that was really bad, especially if done on a “smart” phone. Some of the doctrine this Bill Johnson presents appears as the doctrine of Bill Johnson of Redding. I too would like to know if it is the same fellow. I have some very important questions to ask him. How about it Bill Johnson? Wanna chat?

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