Egypt to remain a military dictatorship

We will not allow ‘another Khomeini’ to take control of Egypt, army says.

The Egyptian army does not trust the Muslim Brotherhood. The military wants to keep their control over the Egyptian nation.

Members of ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces tell Egyptian daily that they would not permit Egypt to be ruled by religious extremists.

Egypt’s military rulers have said they will not allow religious “extremist factions” to control the country, the Al Masry Al Youm newspaper reported Tuesday.
“Egypt will not be ruled by another Khomeini,” members of Supreme Council of the Armed Forces were quoted in the report as saying at a meeting with newspaper editors.

Source: Israeli daily Haaretz.

My comment:

In 1979, it was the Muslim Brotherhood who assassinated President Anwar Saddat. The Egyptian army has not forgotten.

The Egyptians are not free to elect whom ever they wants to be their leader.

That the military wants to be the final tribunal over who will run the Egyptian statehood, is a classical mark of a military dictatorship.

It is not a secret that for the last 40 years, the generals in Egypt have not felt that Democracy is the best way to run the country. Neither has Washington felt that this is the best way to govern Egypt.

All dictators have the same slogan. “It is me or chaos”. For Washington there are only two kinds of dictators. Those who are on on the payroll of the Pentagon, and those who are not.

First published: August 6th, 2011.

Published by Ivar

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