Anglicans should ‘rejoice’ over gay marriage, Bishops say

The Church of England should “rejoice” at the prospect of marriage between homosexual couples rather than fear it, senior bishops and clergy have said.

Bishop Giles Goddard is a wolf is sheep clothing, not a follower of Jesus of the Bible.

Faith leaders, including senior figures in the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church, strongly criticised the plan, insisting the definition of marriage must remain the union of a man and a woman.

More than 400,000 people have signed a petition opposing the plans to introduce same – sex civil marriage.

David Cameron has told Christians that he does not want to “fall out” with them over his plan to legalise same – sex marriage but said he was prepared for the religious backlash.

Signatories of the letter to The Times, include Dr Jeffrey John, the openly homosexual Dean of St Albans Canon Giles Goddard, chairman of the progressive Anglican group Inclusive Church, five former bishops and the serving Deans of Portsmouth, Norwich and Guildford.

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My comment:

Any Christian who rejoice over gay bishops, are hopelessly disconnected from God of the Bible.

Our faith shall be based on the orders of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The Bible explains that men who sleep with men are perverts.

No true Christians will ever have such man as Giles Goddard as their spiritual guided nor leader.

 Romans 1:27
In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion.

Only blind, naked and corrupt people will ever claim Goddard to have anything to do with true Christianity.  He must repent, or perish. And so must all who support him.

Written by Ivar

25 thoughts on “Anglicans should ‘rejoice’ over gay marriage, Bishops say

  1. gay marriage and christianity do not belong together. Two man or two women can nerver get blessing from God, But if they repent then Yeshua will forgive them. I know there are people who struggle with thei sexuality and they need our help and our prayers to get healed from this sickness!

  2. That’s not a bloody sickness…that’s a Common Hellish Demon sent from the filthy perverted pits of Hell to show just how Common this and all Nations have become in their flight to ‘have rights’…well they got rights…Right to ‘Fry in hell forever’…How dare these uncircumcised dogs scream rights or how we are to think…they only want to ‘share their demonic mentally deranged beliefs on all man kind, just like their counter parts Islam…but the leaders will ‘cry these are the ‘moderates, the mild ones’ the loyal one to their mates…Hogspit!! A lady runnin for government office in Minnisota not long ago went into the Ladies Room and was ‘attacked’ by 2 Lesbians, the News Reporters did not report it, nor would they because it would have given a bad light on the Town Meeting about the rights of Homosexuals and Lesbians…) Just like Disney Land ..their special day for the perverts, any decent person has to put up with their filth! Come Quickly Lord Jesus Come Quickly…(translation…Beam me up Scotty there is no life form on this planet! ..(except Christians. who fear God and obey His Commandments who are not against Israel also!)

  3. Since the vast majority of homosexuals are victims of childhood sexual abuse, we can blame the “legitimizing” of all sorts of sexual depravity for the explosive increase in homosexuality. We can blame divorce which leaves millions of children without the protection of fathers in the home. We can blame alcohol and drug abuse as it leaves children to fend for themselves when their parents are inebriated. We can blame our plutocratic governmental policies which force mothers out into the workplace instead of being in the home to safeguard their children and being “watchmen” over their neighborhoods. The average pedophile will violate 300 children in his “career”. A significant proportion of those children will grow up to be homosexuals and pedophiles themselves. What does that suggest about the future? When you read the statistics about the lives of homosexuals you form the conviction that what they need is deliverance, NOT honor for their depravity.

    1. A little boy about 4 got new cowboy boots for Christmas. He walked over to the Christmas Tree and kicked it till some bulbs fell. His grandmother told him “Don’t do that”, he did it anyway. she said “Don’t do that again or you’ll get a spanking”, He did it again anyway. She picked him up and spanked him. He cried, “But it wasn’t me, it was my new boots.” She said, “But your foot was in the boots”…regardless what compromising lies is convenient to excuse the sin, Jesus said ‘you have not resisted unto blood’…We must take His Word serious or ‘it is us’ that gets the punishment, “NOT the demon and/or excuses that helped/or caused us to continue in the sin!
      Hebrew 12:4 Ye have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin.
      Hebrew 12:5 And ye have forgotten the exhortation which speaketh unto you as unto children, My son, despise not thou the chastening of the Lord, nor faint when thou art rebuked of him:
      Hebrew 12:6 For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth.
      Hebrew 12:7 If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons; for what son is he whom the father chasteneth not?
      Hebrew 12:8 But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons.

      1. Andrea.


        You can have compassion for others and all the while believe and take Gods word seriously.

        All of us have fallen short.

        Tonight I watched the movie End of the Spear. Only love could convert the indigenous people. They were vicious killers. The love of the missionaries converted them. Love changes people.

        I do not condone any sexual sin. I believe loving people with the love if Jesus is what changes hearts.

      2. Suzie, Does or have Ivar done any lessons on Hindus Karma? I’d like to have a print out to send to some…if that’s OK..there’s so many avenues of false religions it’s like a Spider Web…(in fact that was what my Thesis was about…(smile)..and all lead to the Spider for his or hers ‘Supper or to have their life sucked out of them till it wanted it later’,…ewwww (smile) that was a long time ago 🙂

      3. Dear Andrea


        The Hindus are the easiest people to rally behind the New One World religion.

        They do believe in “Jesus”. But not Jesus of the Bible. They believe in the same “Jesus” as the Muslims. A Guru, a good man, and a great prophet.

        The Vatican is tapping into this market of religious people, who wants universalism to rule World. The karma is found in the gospel of work. A Catholic and a Hindu both tries to work their way into the heavens.

  4. I have the utmost compassion for those struggling with their sexuality. If you call a gay person a dog how do you expect a gay person to want to come to know Jesus? We need to LOVE PEOPLE and not hate them. Hate the sin. Do you know anyone personally that is gay ?perhaps if you did you wouldn’t call gay people dogs. They are people living in a dark place. Let’s reach out in love and hope in Jesus.

    1. Suzie, There is no lengths other than past the Gates of Hell I won’t go to help anyone in any sin, regardless what it is…for The Blood shed at Calvary was shed for them as well as for me, according to His Word, we are guilty of ‘all sins’..a shock..if we broke One of God’s we NO ONE have room for boasting of another sins worse than ours.. yet if we notice only a ‘few’ sins, do people go to the Leaders of all Nations for their ‘rights to commit that sin’ and ‘all others must not only put up with it but they must teach their children to ‘accept it as right, good’…this includes any religion that has No Mercy, to receive others as their brothers/sisters in Christ Jesus “when they repent”…NOT when they are demanding go against The Almighty Lord thy God! which is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. As for calling someone a dog…check out what Jesus called ‘the Samaritan Woman (smile) though she did get her prayer answered by her faith in HIM (the food at the Masters Table. Anyone who repents of these or any sins, HE will forgive just as HE forgives us and anyone who brings up their past sins is WRONG. They will be our brothers/sisters …just like the man who was having sex with his Step-Mother..he was a Christian..turning people over to Satan like the Bible says is not preached and not taught as an Holy saving Act! One of great fear for them and before God that He may grant them the gift of repentance…a No we’re taught to bring them on in amongst us and ignore their blatant sin, while we talk about them behind
      their back only hindering them in the fellowship of brethren. I don’t say most Pastors do this, for they abhor that treatment of any one, but the congregations are full of this, so much so the injured one finds more mercy in a bar/or with ex-sinners of what they were delivered from..this will not go UN-rewarded by Our Lord for they caused these babes to stumble! IF they don’t stop their sins, they WILL DIE..and their blood will be on the hands of the smiling Christians who helped them to stumble! Who also become at Satan’s will by their “walking out of God’s Will”.! That too is scripture.

      1. Ivar, Thank you for the information. I have a few who write regarding that and/or claiming it, and I’d like a less clinical response that are factual and with the scriptures I have for it.
        Yours and Ellen’s, will be a help. Again thank you.

  5. I agree, sueliz. The majority of gay people would rather not be gay but they believe the lie that they were “born gay.” In any case, the only sexuality of which God approves, is one man and one woman, in marriage, for life. Period. All other expressions carry “due penalties” within them. Christians are wrong to focus on the “gay lifestyle” and ignore the “promiscuous heterosexual lifestyle”. They are both depraved and damage people, as a consequence. Jesus called even “foolishness” a “vile” sin. (See the list of “vile” sins that Jesus speaks of in Mark 7). It is a measure of our own worldliness that we rank some sins as worse than others. They are ALL gravely dishonoring to our holy Lord. The son of one of my counselees is a homosexual and he has suffered a lot during his short life. As a young child, he was violated a number of times by a male relative and some of the friends of his older brother. In addition, after his parents’ divorce, he was violated repeatedly by a boyfriend of his mother. As he became an adolescent, he adopted the “gay lifestyle”. His father completely rejected him after his homosexuality was discovered. He has now become a Christian and belongs to a church that has “liberal” attitudes about homosexuality. But he is miserable and will continue to be miserable until he leaves the practice of homosexuality and his life of sin. It is very sad.

  6. Yes Ellen. There are many reasons why people become gay. Many of these reasons involve deep emotional trauma.
    All the more reason to be loving and compassionate and share Jesus, the healer of broken hearts and the One who can save.


  8. Hi Andrea,

    Hindus have just as much a problem with the doctrine of grace as do all the other false religions. One of the most common arguments a Christian will have with those following other religions is that they just have a difficult time believing that God can forgive what they decide is unforgivable. (The devil must really hate the doctrine of grace.) I guess that figures because one of his official roles is that of the “Accuser” and he uses the law to accuse. That will actually be the basis of condemnation at the Great White Throne Judgment. When an unbelievers say, “It just isn’t fair that this good person (and they will name someone that THEY have decided is righteous) will be going to hell. ” I always respond, “Are they sinless, do you suppose?” They will usually hem and haw but then finally say, no, that person is “…unlikely to be sin-free”. Sometimes, an atheist will say to me, “I don’t personally believe in sin but they seem to be as good as most Christians I know and it is just not fair that they will go to hell.” And then I come back with, “Well, God is just and you can be sure that their punishment will fit their sins but the punishment will be greater for those who understand the law, but disregard it. Jesus said in Luke 12:46-47 that if someone has sin, but doesn’t know about God’s law, their punishment will be greater than those who do not know about the law…But there is a way to have someone else pay the penalty for your sin and mine—He volunteered to do so. That is how grace works. It doesn’t matter whether you agree with it or not—it just is.” They are often incredulous, saying, “You mean that it is possible for the worst murderer to go to heaven but even though I am a good person who tries to do what is right, I go to eternal punishment in hell?” That is when I tell them that no one is justified by works—only faith can get someone to heaven. Some “get” it and some don’t.

    1. Ellen Thank you for your information also, I will (I hope you don’t mind)..use your prospective as well. With the ‘story’ included it will also help in reading subject matter, along with the scriptures …yes truly only JESUS is the ONLY way to get to Heaven, (for Eternal Salvation)…what an awesome thought, and thoughts one has when they even see or hear or type That Wonderful Name and to be able to share it …Glory to God we are sooooooo blessed! (smile)

  9. No, I don’t mind but I just reread what I wrote and I realized that some of it came out mixed up. It SHOULD read, “Jesus said, in Luke 12:46-47 that if someone has sin, but KNOWS about God’s law, his/her punishment will be greater than those who do not know about the law…”

    1. Ellen that’s Ok I fixed it (smile)…anything that is off I don’t send …like the other day I said I’d do anything except go to Hell for anyone ….etc..well that’s not true…I’d do anything within my ability that is not contrary to The Lord’s Word! ..

  10. Hi Andrea,

    I wonder if it is not set to the time in Israel? It seems to be considerably later than (North American) Eastern Standard Time (maybe 10 hours) which would put it quite a bit east of here.

    1. Ellen, I’ll get back with you, really swamped right now, saw this and opened it up while waiting for printing to finish. Thanks…Jesus is awesolme (smile) †

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