Killer Skin Disease Baffles Health Authorities in Vietnam‬

Hanoi, April 22 — A province in Vietnam has been hit by a mysterious skin infection that has already killed 19 people and affected more than 170, BBC reported.

There are a few pictures available.

No doctors are sure what kind of bacteria or virus is behind this sickness in Vietnam.

Luke 21:11

There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven.

7 thoughts on “Killer Skin Disease Baffles Health Authorities in Vietnam‬

  1. The horror of what is to come (and what is here) one has to call on The Righteous Lord for strength, it breaks my heart so bad to know what is their lot if they don’t seriously repent to The Holy One of Israel, Jesus of Nazereth!

    1. Hi Andrea,
      Lately, I have wondered whether the horsemen have begun there prophetic ride. Or if perhaps, this present hour is just a foreshadowing of events yet to come. I believe that the Antichrist is alive and active, even though he has yet to be revealed. One thing is certain, the world is quickly turnning against Israel, and against christians too. I believe that the day is almost upon us, when we will no longer be tolerated in society. However, when this occurres, we must remember to count it all a blessing.

      1. Denise, there are some things that I am reminded to ‘be still’ and not mention yeah or nay to. It’s His Work…it’s going to happen, I would not be surprised if we’ll be here, to see it, but there are many who believe we’ll escape it. It for sure will be like Jesus said, The Worse …never before nor will be after…It’s a time I fear for all who are involved to receive His decision. Whether I am here or not. Though He has no delight in the death of the wicked, when I read about these Horsemen you mention, as the days get closer and closer to that time, I too have thought like you, and many others, that they have already started their Midnight Ride. 50 years ago, which I remember all too well (smile) what is going on now was done in back rooms and lied about doing them in the daylight..(liars and yet leaders) …(ask any Priest of that age, they’d tell you for they too did and was often in those back rooms!) Just like The Lord shows us the ‘back rooms’ behind the doors the (Priests) Pastors did, in the Old Testament. Sorry I did not really answer your question.

  2. It does seem as though we are hearing a lot more about deadly diseases around the world. They have an extremely deadly form of tuberculosis in India right now.

    1. Amen Ellen…with what Ivar is showing on so many planes from, debauchery, attacks on Israel, false teachers, yet these are not new I know, what they are is, ‘ever increasing’ at a rapid rate and the evil is bolder, more viciously cruel with the ‘approval’ of the leaders. sad but true. I saw the sky today as I stepped out in the yard, such beauty, air so refreshing all I could feel was thanksgiving to The Lord for His beauty He created, and the scripture came to mind, “The Earth is the Lord’s and the fulness there of’….” So I was refreshed in His handiwork (smile) no matter what these perverts decide to do or these godless ones who think they are doing God a service by attacking Israel and/or the Christians.

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