Egyptian war: The Empire strikes back

Egypt panel definitively bars top 3 presidential candidates from elections.

Omar Suleiman do not mind being barred from the President election.His fiends are still in power. The regime is buying time.

Egypt’s election commission rejected the appeals of three main contenders for president Tuesday, definitively removing the most polarizing candidates from the race to become the country’s first elected leader since the ouster of Hosni Mubarak.

The commission’s decision removes the top contenders in the race — Mubarak-era strongman Omar Suleiman, Muslim Brotherhood chief strategist Khairat el-Shater and Abu Ismail, a lawyer turned hard-line preacher. The panel had announced their disqualification over the weekend, shocking many in the country. Each appealed the decision but on Tuesday the panel rejected the appeals.

The disqualification of the three diminishes the chances that an Islamist candidate will win the presidency, but there are worries over the fallout from the decision, particularly from the supporters of one of the barred candidates, ultraconservative Islamist Hazem Abu Ismail.

The generals said over the weekend the constitution should be drafted before a president is elected, raising concern that the elections might be postponed if the document is not ready in time.

Source: The Washington Post

My comment:

The military dictatorship in Egypt strikes back.

The generals have a trump ace. The people of Egypt have no clue what democracy is all about,  and frankly they do not care.

People are more conserved with getting bread.  After the so-called “Arab spring started”, the Egyptian economy has moved form bad to worse. Slowly the Egyptian accept that the military regime at least offers some kind of predictability and stability in the midst of chaos.

The Muslim Brotherhood is also not ready to take over power. Simply because there is no clear agreement within the movement, for the way ahead.

The military regime will now that what time there is to draft a new constitution. For Israel the uncertainty is prolonged. Lets wait and watch.

Written by Ivar

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