Arab fractions disagree on support from Iran

Ramallah do not want Iran to interfere with internal “Palestinian” affairs. The Hamas wants Iranian support.

PLO leader Abdul -Rahim do not want Iranian support, but US dollars. The Hamas wants support from Iran.

Palestinian Authority Secretary-General Tayyeb Abdul-Rahim recently issued a statement to the press in which he lashed out at Iran for interfering in the internal politics of the Palestinians.

Abdul-Rahim is declaring that Israel was the only one which benefited from Iran’s behavior, which served to widen internal Palestinian rifts.

The statement follows a similar accusation last month, when a Fatah faction spokesman said that the Islamic Republic had paid the Islamist terror militia Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip and is Fatah’s rival within Palestinian politics, not to progress in reconciliation talks with Fatah and the PA.

A Hamas spokesman retorted that it is Hamas which is working in the best interests of the Palestinians while the PA takes money from the US and EU to prevent attacks against Israel by Palestinian patriots.


My comment:

The problem for Israel is that the Arabs who want a new state fight amongst each other.

The Hamas wants Israel to be deleted, and replaced by an Iranian style totalitarian Iranian regime.

Al-Fatah wants the US dollar to flow into the accounts in Ramallah, regardless if there is a statehood or not.

Their two fractions cripple and kill each others supporters. Just like Islamic Jihad-groups blow up each others Mosques, in a bid to “honor” allah.

There has never been unity in the different Arab plans to delete Israel. The latest message from Tayyeb Abdul-Rahim confirms that the Islamic civil war continues.

Written by Ivar

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