Israel suspends IDF officer for striking “peace” activist

Israel on Monday suspended indefinitely an IDF officer who just a day earlier struck a pro-Palestinian Danish activist during a demonstration in the Jordan Valley region.

An IDF soldier hits a Danish national who has entered Israel to provoke the Israeli army.

The incident occurred not far from Jericho, where 20-year-old Andreas Ayas and several more European activists confronted Israeli soldiers stationed in the area.

According to army officials, the confrontation lasted for roughly two hours, but it was a short 90-second clip that was uploaded to the Internet and subsequently made international headlines. In that clip, IDF Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner is seen slamming his M-16 rifle into Ayas’ face, knocking the activist to the ground.

IDF Spokesman Yoav Mordechai lamented that the short, sensationalist video clip had managed to put the entire episode out of context.

“The video doesn’t represent all of it,” Mordechai told reporters, noting that the activists spent a great deal of time and energy trying to provoke a violent response from the Israelis. Eisner himself insisted that he was not the first to strike, and that in the moments just before the video that was broadcast worldwide, Ayas broke two of Eisner’s fingers.

“I’ve learned my lesson from the incident and will never again be dragged into provocation,” Eisner told Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv, “but you must understand the whole situation, in which we were trying for two hours to stop lawbreakers. I simply did my job.”

Source: Israel Today

My comment:

When I saw the video of this event, I wounder what a Danish national is doing inside Israel provoking the Israeli army?

I do not know any Israeli national who travel to Denmark to create trouble. At least not for the Danish military.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Israel suspends IDF officer for striking “peace” activist

  1. The government is to blame for allowing the activist into the country to begin with.

    The Dane national should be charged for breaking the soldiers fingers and and the officer found not guilty for simply defending himself.

    If someone broke two of your figures just prior to this incident, you might have been tempted to do the same.

    Has Israel learned nothing from the flotilla incident? It’s a no win situation for any activist / media coverage because they always ensure unfair coverage will happen.

    Everyone non-Israeli involved should be deported out of the country immediately.

  2. Yes—I agree, Martin. The agitators (I suspect they are being paid by the enemies of Israel) should never have been permitted into the country. But the Israeli government is between the proverbial “rock and the hard place” because if they denied entry to “peaceful protestors” they would be excoriated for being “anti-democratic”. I think the agitators should have been warned, on entry, that even the tiniest infringement of their “peaceful protest” posture would be punished by immediate deportation.

  3. Initially I was shocked at this picture but then I thought about it and I realised this bloke was probably goaded and goaded until he reacted and the media and liberla sgot the picture they wanted. No doubt the media will liken all Israel to be like this soldier as they judge Israel by different standards to how they judge other nations. They ignore the brutality of Syria, Hamas killing peace activists and Egyptians raping an American reporter whilst she was reporting on that particular uprising. I once saw some Scandanavian peace activists slandering IDF soldiers for stealing land in Judea and Samaria, I really wanted to be there to remind these Scandanavians that it was in fact their Vijingr ancestors whom stole land and planty of it raping and pilaging all over Europe and as far as Canada and whilst they were doing it there was Jews in jerusalem and Judea.

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