The US President claims to be committed to a Church, that “can unite people of all faith around common purpose”.

Presient Obama was crowned with an Islamic medal by King of Saudi Arabia short time after entering the White House.

The US Constitution  secures a separation of Government and religion. President Barak Hussein Obama do misuse the White House, to form a new state sponsored faith society.

The President call this new society “United people of all faith’s”, and it is promoted during the President’s ongoing “Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge”

On the White House site, Obama explain a vision based on people of different faiths, building a “house” together.

  Interfaith service involves people from different religious and non-religious backgrounds tackling community challenges together – for example, Protestants and Catholics, Hindus and Jews, and Muslims and non-believers — building a Habitat for Humanity house together.

On a video on the official web site Obama explains to the American people that he is a “Christian” with a deep desire . The President explains that Muslims, Hindu’s, Jews and Christians must work together.

  “As a Christians who became committed to the Church while serving my community. I know that an act of service can unite people of all faith’s, or even no faith, around a common purpose of helping those in need”.

Source of White House video and Habitat comment.

The problem with such statements, is that they are not Biblical.

Obama wants all religions to stand united.

To be a Christian means to be committed to the teaching of Jesus.

The Messiah did not come to unite people of all faiths, but to change people’s faith.

To be able to escape God’s wrath, you need to change your faith to faith in Him. He is God the Son, the only way to  Heaven. If you do not believe this, you will die in your sins and perish.

President Obama is a deceiver of the flock.

In one moment he claims to be a Christian, in the next he brand Islam as “a great religion of peace”.

This White House video display what kind of man the Americans have voted into the chair of the US Commander in Chief. A promoter of the final One World Religion of unity between all faiths.

First published: May 26th 2011

Written by Ivar