Ukraine: Naked feminists promote slaughter of children

The girls got naked, rolled down banner “stop” from the balcony of the cathedral and began ringing church bells to attract the attention of those passing by.

Top less feminist God mockers brand pro-life supporters as Nazis.

Spiritual Prostitutes in Kiev accuse pro-life supporters of being Nazis. They are members of “FEMEN”, who are famous for staging controversial naked protests, switched from political issues and slashing domestic violence to defending Ukrainian women’s right to abortion.

They chose the country’s main Christian cathedral as a venue.

Half naked this feminist ring the church bells to promote murder and death.

Five FEMEN activists climbed to the Cathedral of St. Sophia in the center of Kiev to protest a proposed legislation that would ban abortions in Ukraine.

The girls got naked, rolled down banner “STOP” from the balcony of the cathedral and began ringing church bells to attract the attention of those passing by. They also shouted a slogan which can be translated as “our children – our choice.”

The Cathedral of St. Sophia is one of the main sightseeing attractions in Kiev, so security and police were not long in coming.
Four activists were detained and brought to the local police station, while one escaped.


My comment:

The biggest Holocaust in the World, is the 53 million children brutally murdered in America after World War II.

To brutally slaughter children in womb of a mother, is Nazism and nothing less. Doctors and feminists acts like the Nazis in Germany, killing innocent children, acting like God. The children who perished in the gas chambers in Germany, did not perish in what should have been the safest place of them all.

 1 Timothy 2:15
But women will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith, love and holiness with propriety.

When hocker’s climb up in a Church tower and ring the Church bells, they display what whore’s are all about. No respect for decency, not respect for God.

 Deuteronomy 30:19
This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.

They have no shame at all. Like Neo-Nazis promoting Hitlers slogan about Children, kitchen and Church, they defame all who are pro-life, and do want all mothers taking care of their homes, their children and spend some times with true followers of Jesus.

Written by Ivar

8 thoughts on “Ukraine: Naked feminists promote slaughter of children

  1. I wonder if they would promote the “after-birth abortion” (infanticide) promoted by an American professor recently? He argued that there was no difference between killing an unborn fetus and killing a full-term infant. He advocated only killing “defective” infants. The door to this kind of horror was opened the moment that the legal establishment approved of “a woman’s right to choose”. These women pervert the whole idea of what God intended women to be from the moment He created Eve (“the mother of all living”). A woman who kills her baby is the mother of a murdered baby and she is the one who “chose” to murder it. No doubt, Satan cackles with glee when women make these kinds of “choices”. Heaven weeps.

  2. Let us not just balme the women here. Many are forced to go for abortion by husbands and other members of the family. In India, girl children are seen as a burden and hence they go for abortion.

    Pity is even so christian ministers pray very hard for a boy child!!

    These values in the society must change also, I think.

  3. I would agree, Golda. Men are equally to blame for pushing women into what are often desperate decisions on the part of women. I was struck by the report from a nurse who used to work at an abortion clinic before she became a Christian (she is now a fierce campaigner against abortion). She said that most of the women and girls were miserable over their “choice”. She felt that the majority knew it was wrong but were often being pushed into it by parents, boyfriends or husbands. What a tragedy.

    Christians must learn to support their local crisis pregnancy centers, where young women are given the support they need to bring their babies to term and help them to make just decisions regarding their babies’ future. A majority of these places are begun and staffed by Christians. One of my Christian friends has started such a center in our town. She herself is so grateful that her then teen-aged birth mother chose to give her life and put her up for adoption—rather than aborting her. My friend was adopted by a wonderful Christian family and has dedicated her life to saving children in the womb.

  4. We must not forget that there is a great deal of money to be made in killing children and that money is influencing these kinds of “protests”. Many of these so-called “feminist” organizations are receiving money directly from those involved in the abortion industry. “The love of money is the root of all evil.”

    1. Dear Ellen.


      There are always many “good reasons” to kill. The killer normally try to blame someone else. A father can not stop a woman from killing his son or daughter in her womb. But a mother can protect her children from pressure from a father. I agree that many ladies are under severe pressure. But that can never be a valid excuse. I also agree that we must do more to help pregnant women to give birth to the child.

  5. These women do not know what it is to be a woman. They do not want to be under any authority and want to be like god. But the Lord set it up that women are under their husband and their husband under Jesus. Let’s be reasonable. That is not to say women are doormats, slaves and the like. If in an abusive situation, leave! In the garden of Eden Adam should have acted as Eve’s head and protected her. But he caved.And perhaps Eve should have talked it over with Adam before biting that apple. Many women just can’t submit to their spouse. Again, not in a sick codependent slavery but in a loving respectful relationship. And in today’s worldly society women are valued for their looks and bodies instead of the beauty of a godly spirit. Ladies: find a man of God who will see your true value and read proverbs 31.

    1. Dear Sue


      You wrote:

      These women do not know what it is to be a woman.

      My reply:

      Feminism is one of the big killers of families on the face of the Earth. A woman was created to be the very helper for the man. A man is suppose to love his helper, as Jesus loved his church. Jesus was willing to die for His church.

      A married couple of one man and one woman should be not breakable. They are suppose to be one flesh.

      Feminism is also one of the main main sponsors of sodomy. If woman had submitted to God’s plan for them, there would not have been feminists nor lesbians.

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