New blast hits Egypt gas pipeline to Jordan and Israel.

The gas pipeline has been blown up by Islamic terrorists for the 14th time in less than two years.

This Attack is the 14th to hit Sinai since Mubarak’s fall; pipeline remains closed from similar explosion in February.

An explosion hit the Egyptian pipeline carrying gas to Israel and Jordan on Monday for 14th time since the uprising against president Hosni Mubarak began last year, security sources said.

The blast took place in the northern Sinai at the entrance of the Mediterranean coastal town of Al-Arish. Residents in the city told Reuters they had heard the sound of the explosion.


My comment:

The Muslim Brotherhood wants to revoke the “peace agreement” between Egypt and Israel. First and foremost because Egypt had to accept the Sinai to be a demilitarized zone, that could not be used for Jihad”sits to fire rockets into Israel.

But also because the oil fields on the Sinai, had to deliver oil and gas into Israel and keep the Zionist state alive.

Jodan is another enemy of the Muslim Brotherhood. Because the Kingdom accepted a “Peace agreement” with Israel in 1994.  So the gas from Egypt shall not be used to uphold this anti-Jihad Jordanian Kingdom.

Norway is a part of this Islamic oil and gas Jihad. The largest oil producer in Europe has signed an agreement with the Arab League, to join their oil embargo in the Jewish state. Just like Iran. Even to this Islamic Republic is not a member of the Arab League.

The cold war on Israel can very easily trigger another hot war in the Middle East. The Jews will simply not permit its leadership to lead them towards a second Holocaust. Benjamin Netanyahu is crystal clear. No new Holocaust on his watch.

Jesus the Messiah said that there will be terrible times ahed, and a horribly defaulted hatred towards Jews, who has its roots in satanic paganism of different kinds.

All true Christians will rejoice the global Jihad as a way to hell. We will stand with Israel and the Jewish people in their time of trouble. Amen.

Written by Ivar