Former White House reporter honored by terrorists

After a long silence following her infamous ‘Jews should go back to Germany’ comment, Helen Thomas receives a medal from PA President Mahmoud Abbas in Washington.

Neo-Nazi slur Helen Thomas has been given a medal of honor in Washington.

In May 2010, at a White House event commemorating Jewish heritage week, Thomas, the senior White House writer, was asked for her opinion of Israel. “Tell them that they need to get out of Palestine, and return home to Germany, Poland, and America,” Thomas responded on camera.

As a result of her comment, an onslaught of public criticism forced Thomas to apologize and retire. Shortly after her retirement, however, Thomas claimed she said “exactly what she thought.” As a result of the comments, the Society of Professional Journalists decided to discontinue the yearly lifetime achievement award bearing Thomas’ name.

This honored senior in the press corpse in the White House had something to say about Jews.
Senator Barack Hussein Obama was a great friend of Helen Thomas.

It seems, however, that there is in fact someone who sees Thomas and her comments in a more positive light. Last Sunday, dozens of diplomats and journalists assembled in Washington for an event in her honor.

The man responsible for organizing the event was none other than the head of the Palestine Liberation Organization General Mission to the U.S., Maen Areikat.

Representatives of the PLO in Washington released a statement claiming that the text of the prize was written to “recognize Thomas’ long career in the field of journalism, during which she defended the Palestinian position every step of the way.”

The event was also attended by PLO Executive Committee member Hanan Ashrawi, who presented the medal to Thomas, bestowing upon her the honor said to have come from Abbas himself.

According to the Washington PLO office’s statement, Ashrawi “presented Thomas with the appreciation and blessing of the president and the Palestinian people, for all of her actions supporting Palestine in the West.”

Source: Israeli Daily Haaretz

My comment:

Since Obama called Benjamin Netanyahu a liar, why not give a medal of honor to Helen Thomas?

She has the solution. Just send Netanyahu back to the death camps in Poland.

That will be the obvious end of the conflict in the Middle East.

If Hitler had been able to gas all the Jews in Auswitch, there would not have been any Israel west of the Jordan river, as decided by the League of Nations in 1922. Only the “state of Palestine”.

God of Israel do not sleep.

He listen to men like Obama, and to ladies like Helen Thomas. If they do not repent, they will perish. Because the Messiah will return to Earth to set up His judgment throne. Not in Washington, nor in Rome. But in the city of the Jewish King David.

Written by Ivar

9 thoughts on “Former White House reporter honored by terrorists

    1. Dear ant Writes.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus the Messiah.

      Washington has always been concerned about American Interest in the Middle East. And this concern has nothing to do with Israel, after the fall of Communist Russia in 1990-1991. The American concern is oil. That is why the 5th fleet is stationed in Bahrain, next to the oil field in Eastern Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait.

      Helen Thomas just reflects the growing US concern about the state of Israel refusal to bow down to the policy of the Pentagon and the White House.

      If Israel do not bow, it is better for the US to let the Islamic forces delete her. If Israel is deleted, the Jews will be in need of transfer to safe countries. Poland might be willing to take the few thousand Polish Jews who escaped the Holocaust. That is the idea inside the mind of White House corespondent Helen Thomas.

      1. Amen …..wars and rumor of wars..each generation shows the next either how to be meaner or be wise and turn to The Lord Jesus for the remission of sins.

  1. Helen Thomas is from an Arab-American of Lebanese extraction. One wonders if she is being paid to try to influence U.S. foreign policy. There is a lot of Saudi oil money purchasing influence in Washington.

  2. A couple of things to mention that I hope this woman gets ton think about, If the Germans and Europeans in general had been a bit kinder towards the Jews they probably would not have sought refuge in their ancestral homeland, so who’s to blame for that Helen? The people of the countries you want to send them back too, and why dont you go back to your own country while your at it?

  3. Yes, by all means—let’s send Helen Thomas back to Lebanon! She won’t like it there though. She would be seen as a Christian (she was raised in a Greek Orthodox family) and the Muslims in southern Lebanon will eventually take over all of Lebanon and persecute the Christians. Even though it was originally partitioned to keep Arab Christians safe from the Muslims, the expansionism of Islamic radicals will not stop until they take over the country and systematically subjugate the Christians there.

  4. What a sinister face. Her outside talking loudly about what is contained within her. And these people honored by the world, but has only eternal death and pain to expect.

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