George Galloway won in Muslim controlled Bradford West

Hamas-supporter and former MP George Galloway won the by-election in Bradford west. 38 per cent of the voters are Muslims.

Galloway got his Hamas-passport March 10, 2009. The new MP from Bradford West has dual loyalty, the perfect Hamas agent in the United Kingdom.

38 per cent of the 63425 voters in Bradford West in West Yorkshire are Muslims. They secured the by-election for former MP  George Galloway, who is a faithful supporter of the Hamas.

Galloway was up against “moderat” or “secular” Muslim Imran Hussain, who ran on a Labor party ticket. Hussein only got 25 per cent of the votes. Galloway secured 55 per cent.

The Labor party lost 20 per cent of the voters from last election, when a Hindi won representing the Labor party.

This is George Galloway’s reactions, to claims that He was converted to Islam:

“To suggest all Muslims vote for me is to suggest they are second-class citizens who vote like herds of sheep,” he said.

But he clearly played to the 38 per cent of Muslims who made up the constituency at the last count (in the 2001 census).

He caused outrage by sending out a letter addressed to “voters of the Muslim faith and Pakistani heritage in Bradford West” appearing to suggest he was somehow a “better” Muslim than Hussain.

God KNOWS who is Muslim. And he KNOWS who is not.

 Instinctively, so do you. Let me point out to all the Muslim brothers and sisters what I stand for,” he wrote, giving a series of four reasons which included

 “I, George Galloway, do not drink alcohol and never have. Ask yourself if the other candidate in this electioncan say that truthfully.”

Galloway has never converted to Islam, though lots of his supporters in Bradford West appeared to be under the impression he had.

George Galloway is more than anything a gangster. The Muslims do not mind, as long as he supports Sharia. As an MP he gets diplomatic immunity.

Source: The UK Newspaper The Guardian

My comment:

The former UK MP George Galloway has several times expressed strong support for the Hamas.

He has been in Gaza on several occasion, to hail the Islamic terrorist organization.

His win over a “moderate” Muslim in West Bradford, is the latest sign of a radicalization of Muslims in the UK.  They believe a man like George Galloway will support their demands for Sharia Laws being permitted in the Muslim ghettos, and not the law of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth.

Radical Islam will not stop by ruling in their overpopulated ghettos in West Bradford. Islam wants to rule Britannia.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “George Galloway won in Muslim controlled Bradford West

  1. George Galloway is one dimensional. He fails to see the bigger picture and cannot conceive of the divine plan for the Holy Land. He panders to a certain anti-Israel prejudice. The result of increased immigration to Britain and effective campaigning in a seat whose Muslim voters were more energised than their non Muslim counterparts has resulted in this not so surprising victory. All elected representatives in the UK must get their heads straight about what the correct vision is for the world.

  2. And if Christianity does not get updated and in step with the new moves of this new generation and unite with Islam would be left behind..

  3. Someone should ask Muslim women in Bradford West whether they are in favor of Sharia law. A few years ago, they demonstrated against Sharia—they had fled to the West to avoid it. They rightly said, “Why would we want to fall back under Sharia?”

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