Islamic Libya going the Somalian way

Four people have been killed and at least five injured in a firefight which erupted earlier in the centre of the Libyan capital, Tripoli.

Islamic Jihad gained control in Tripoli with the help of NATO.

The clash centred on an old intelligence building bombed by Nato in last year’s uprising against ex-leader Muammar Gaddafi.
A brigade from the city of Misrata tried to free prisoners held inside, leading to a confrontation with another armed group from Tripoli.
The casualties were from both brigades.

Islamic Jihad is fighting for control over Somalia.

The gunfight broke out near the building between Zawiya and Saidi streets.The roads quickly reopened once the situation had calmed.

“I regret the incident. I don’t want to go into details, but it was the result of a problem between Misrata thwars [revolutionaries] and members of the military council of Zawiya street,” Abdul Hakim Belhaj, the head of the Tripoli military council, told a news conference.

“What happened is an irresponsible act and the situation is now under control. Since the afternoon, we have not heard any gunshots,” he added.

It is yet another sign of the continuing security threat posed by the disparate militias comprising former rebels, says the BBC’s Mark Lowen in Tripoli.

They still wield significant power in the absence of a national army or police.

But Libya’s new government, under popular pressure, has now begun the process of disbanding the groups and integrating them within the defence and interior ministries, our correspondent says.

Tens of thousands of fighters still make up the various brigades, and sporadic clashes have broken out between them in recent weeks.

Source: The BBC

My comment:

Noting good comes from a group of people, shouting “allah is great”. When NATO helped goons from Islamic Jihad to take over Tripoli, more trouble was in the pipeline.

One horrible dictatorship, have been replaced by another.

With multiple Islamic military groups armed to their teeth, Tripoli will very soon become the next Mogadishu.

Only when the last and final man of lawlessness enters the World stage, the Islamic civil war will be brought to an end.

Let us wait and watch.

First published 5th of January 2012

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Islamic Libya going the Somalian way

  1. The emerging church is a sinking ship.
    If we are apart of the emerging church please opern our ice so we can get out from babylon while we still got time to get out: this i pray in Yeshuas name amen

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