It’s an Obama World. Gay Flag Flies at Afghan Base But the Christian Cross Is Banned.

Gay soldiers can promote sodomy in Afghanistan without Muslim creating riots. As longs as Jesus is not lifted up anything can be tolerated.

The Pentagon forced an Army post in Afghanistan to remove a cross on its worship tent in December.

Before and after. Secular people can not tolerate that Jesus of the Bible is honored.

It was offensive to liberal atheists.

Source: The Gateway pundit.

My comment:

When you accept sodomy in the army, you will see it spreading like wild fire. The boys are far from home, and muscle men can enslave each other while the Military police can only stand and watch.

In Afghanistan the Pentagon has offered local Muslims what they consider to be a can of worms. Gay soldiers living in perverted military camps are the worst thinkable ambassadors for the free World.

Written by Ivar