Crosses baned but gay flags permitted

It’s an Obama World. Gay Flag Flies at Afghan Base But the Christian Cross Is Banned.

Gay soldiers can promote sodomy in Afghanistan without Muslim creating riots. As longs as Jesus is not lifted up anything can be tolerated.

The Pentagon forced an Army post in Afghanistan to remove a cross on its worship tent in December.

Before and after. Secular people can not tolerate that Jesus of the Bible is honored.

It was offensive to liberal atheists.

Source: The Gateway pundit.

My comment:

When you accept sodomy in the army, you will see it spreading like wild fire. The boys are far from home, and muscle men can enslave each other while the Military police can only stand and watch.

In Afghanistan the Pentagon has offered local Muslims what they consider to be a can of worms. Gay soldiers living in perverted military camps are the worst thinkable ambassadors for the free World.

Written by Ivar

14 thoughts on “Crosses baned but gay flags permitted

    1. Dear Art writes.


      Israel and Jerusalem shall be stumbling blocks. Those who tries to remove her (them), shall harm them selves.

      I have wondered why Norwegians at large did not, and do not protest that their own nation has disappeared. The only valid reason is the Oslo accord, that tried to remove the safe borders around Zion.

      Norwegian was forced by its elite to become a part of the “EFTA (EØS)-area” on January 1st 1994. Israel was fooled by Norway to sign the Oslo-accord on 20th of August 1993

      With the EFTA (EØS)-agreement the Norwegian constitution was set aside, and Norway techically ceased to be a nation. A small nation of 4,8 million people was swallowed by the goddess Europe, got new borders, and submitted to a group of 300 million lawless people ruled by an invisible elite.

      1. America isn’t protesting that America is gone, just the shell and the beautiful Flag we see waving in the awesome Sky-line a memory so sweet and sad, yet we look forward to her being restored as all Nations will be after Jesus returns.

      2. Dear Ant Writes.


        Norway is not a member of the EU, but has signed an agreement to implement all EU laws. Strangely as it might sound. Norway is also a member of Schengen, who is a passport and visa union. All Schengen members must give each other citizens working and residential permits.

  1. How sad once a Mighty Army feared world wide, has stooped to the depths of Satan’s mire. Truly how sad. How terrifying it is for the leaders of that Great Nation to be accountable indeed also!

  2. I am not gay bashing because God commands us to love all people and I do. I can not judge another for their actions, that is up to God. I have several wonderful gay people in my life and I love them dearly! But this is plain wrong!! The Christians in this camp should never had to have taken their Cross down. It doesn’t matter if it was a gay flag or any other flag, they should have left both up or made them both come down. The Blood from the Cross will protect you out there in battle more than any old flag!!!

    1. Chadwick Horn


      May be this man needs to come out of the closet?

      I am sure a lot of “straight” US soldiers have been raped by the Sodomy mafia inside the US Army in Afghanistan. They have not told their wife’s yet.

      1. I said “It really don’t matter who put it up there” …because this Nation has no shame anymore…like so many Nations they bow down to Satan…

    2. It really don’t matter who put it up there I am surprised none are in the Brig for taking it down and burning it~~ !!!!

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