Neutral Sweden blessed Saudis with more firepower

Sweden’s defense minister has resigned after facing criticism over plans to build a weapons plant in Saudi Arabia.

This Swedish minister has resigned. Not because He wanted to give weapons to Saudi Arabia, but because He lied about the contract.

Sten Tolgfors “resigned at his own request”, a spokesperson said.

Swedish public radio revealed the confidential plans for the country’s Defense Research Agency to help Riyadh build weapons, including missiles and torpedoes, in early March.

Sweden does not ban weapons exports to Saudi Arabia, but the secretive nature of the plans caused controversy.

Earlier this month Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt confirmed that an initial deal had been signed with the Saudis in 2005.

Mr Tolgfors defended the decision, saying the plans were in line with military cooperation deal between the two countries.

But he has come under increasing pressure to resign as some of the press and the left-wing opposition accused the government of a cover up.

The opposition Green Party is now calling for an investigation into the deal, saying Sweden should not support a “dictatorship” in Saudi Arabia.

Source: The BBC

My comment:

Do not blame this on the wiki-leaks. It was Sweden who decided to launch a manhunt for the man who exposed the double standards and cheating in the present Global elite.

Let us rather take a look at Sweden:

Sweden has always been natural just enough for the prefect political rhetoric.

Just two weeks ago three NATO military aircraft’s were permitted to do secret tactical maneuvers over Swedish territory, and given permission to land in Northern Sweden.

Unfortunately for the military exercise, one of the aircraft exploded when it flew into Kebenekaise, the highest mountain top in Sweden.
We all regrets the loss of the Norwegian crew of five.

To help NATO is perhaps not the worst breech of neutrality thinkable. But to supply the Islamic terror state like Saudi Arabia would not be an act worthy of a neutral nation. At least not viewed from Teheran and Israel.

During the Second World War, natural Sweden supplied the Nazi regime with unlimited ship loads of coal for the steel expansion Hitler launched to build the Wehrmacht.  Sweden got away with it then, but will face problems to explain this one.

The World is really set up side down by the Global elite.

They really act like they live in the same village, where their filthy family deals are more important than moral, ethics and honesty.

The gap between the reality and political statements have probably not been wider since Nevill Chaimberline came home from Munich in 1938 with Hitlers signature.

Now Sweden has put their trust in the signature of the Saudis, a “peaceful democracy” in the Middle East.  All the missiles in the region that points towards Israel is, of course, also for “peaceful” purposes”. 

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “Neutral Sweden blessed Saudis with more firepower

  1. Swedish minister either has integrity or a better offer! I guess Israel is grateful ‘that all the missiles pointed to her are for ‘peaceful purposes’….What a Crazy World! Thanks for this…info…

  2. ””Now Sweden has put their trust in the signature of the Saudis, a “peaceful democracy” in the Middle East””. Ha ha ha ha ha ;
    one should stay in that country to know the grass-root of democracy . The PHARAOH of today’s world, of middle-east.

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