It took Norway 10 years to arrest Islamic terrorist

Sentenced by a judge to five years imprisonment. The Norwegian minister of Justice finally had to order the arrest of Mullah Krekar.

Norwegian Minister of Justice Grete Faremo has earlier protected a Islamic terrorist. Here she is inside a NATO fighter jet.

A Norwegian court on Monday sentenced Mullah Krekar, the founder of a Iraqi Kurdish Islamist group, to five years in jail for issuing death threats against a former government minister and others.

The 55-year-old mullah, whose real name is Najmeddine Faraj Ahmad and who has lived in Norway since 1991, founded the Ansar al-Islam group.

He was found guilty of threatening the life of Erna Solberg, an ex-minister who signed his expulsion order in 2003 because he was considered a threat to national security.

“Norway will pay a heavy price for my death,” he said during a meeting with international media in June 2010.

“If for example Erna Solberg deports me and I die as a result, she will suffer the same fate,” he said in Arabic.

Source: Al Ararbiya

My comment:

Norway was on the edge of a constitutional crisis because of this Mullah from Iraq.

Mullah Krekar is protected by the Government of Norway.

The Supreme Court of Norway has earlier given a verdict that Mullah Krekar is a security threat to the nation, and should be deported from Norway.

After this, the Mullah has continued to issue death threats in Arabic through various media, walking as a free man in the streets of Oslo.

Two days ago, the Oslo City District Court sentenced Islamic terrorist Mullah Krekar to five yours imprisonment.

In the evening the Mullah attacked a team of Norwegian TV-reporters.

The Mullah was walking out of a TV-studio after giving the Islamic TV-channal Al-Jazeera an exclusive comment on the court verdict.

Krekar told the Islamic TV-channel why he should be considered innocent, and why Norway should be ruled by Sharia Laws.

The Islamic Mullah walked free in Oslo up to 2.PM yesterday.

 Matthew 24:21
For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now—and never to be equaled again.

Yesterday the Mullah put a video out on the net, where he told his followers to kill Norwegians. “Use can use a knife” . No longer could any secret agreement between Norway and the Arab League stop the arrest of Mullah Krekar.  Millions of Norwegians would have lost all their trust in their government and police force.

Today a court in Oslo will decide if the Islamic terrorist shall face imprisonment, while He is waiting for his appeal to be tried in a higher court.

Written by Ivar Fjeld

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