– City of Malmø can not handle more Immigration

Ilmar Reepalu warns about more immigragtion to the city of Malmø in Sweden. 25 per cent of the population are now Muslims.

The mayor of Malmø tells the truth about Islamic immigration, but blame the Jews for the trouble.

The 22nd of March, the mayor of Malmø in Sweeden spoke out against more immigration to the cite.

– The city can not handle this immigration, claims Reepalu  in an interview with the Magazine Neo.  He complains about a huge rise in crime, and that the Schools on the city is falling apart with pore exam results.

– Sven years ago, someone opened gun fire into my house. In another incident I had to be protected inside a bullet proof car, disclose Reepalu.
In january 2009, a huge gathering in Malmø protested against the Israeli military operation in Gaza. They were shouting “Damn Jews”, and “Hitler, Hitle, Hitler”.  A Jewish supporter of the Isralei Davis Cup team playing in Malmø was attacked with a glass bottle, and a primitive fire bomb was triggered in the crowed.

The North Ameircan Nazi-caters in the Simon Wiesenthal center issued a travel warning for Jews in Southern Sweden.
Ilmar Reepalu still blame the Jews for the trouble in Malmø.

– The Jewish congregation in the city, are infiltrated by right wing activists. They should have known better than to have a public rally in support for Israel on the main city market, says Reepalu. He claims the local government in the city of Malmø neither support antisemitism nor zionism.

The Jewish Rabbi in Malmø is outraged and shocked over the Mayors claim of right wing “infiltration”, and his denial of Jews right to display support for Israel in public.

Source:  The Magazine Neo

My comment:

Ilmar Reepalu is born in Estland, and is him self an immigrant to Sweden.

Lets draw a parallel to the Balkans. It is interesting that the newest nation in Europe, has seen the transformation from secular rule to Islamic rule in just 40 years.

In the 1970 ties, around 60 percent of the Population of the district of Kosovo in former republic of Yugoslavia were Muslims. Today, the Muslim population is 90 percent.

After NATO evicted the Serbian rule from Kosovo in 1999, there have been a silent ethnic cleansing inside the newborn state. Both ethnic Orthodox Christians and believing Christians have either been forces out, or have chosen to leave freely.

Since Kosovo soon might become a member of Schengen, there will be no law stopping the Muslims in Kosovo from immigrating to Sweden and Stockholm.  Neither to Oslo, who already have a growing population of “refugees” and immigrants from Kosovo.

Written by Ivar

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