Hitler used in Turkey promoting a shampoo

“It is totally unacceptable to use Hitler. He is evil in person”.

The is the response from the Anti defamation League in the US.

The Jewish response led the Turkish TV channel to take the add off air, reports AFP.

The add display Hitler persuading men to buy a shampoo meant for men only.
– If you do not walk in female cloths, you should not use her shampoo either, says Hitler is the add.

My comment:

For most of the Turks, Hitler was a good leader. Like the Ottoman Empire massacred all Armenian Christians, Hitler finished off the Jews in Europe.

Today there are hardly any Jews left in Turkey. And the amount of Christians inside this “light of moderate Islam”, is 0,2 per cent.

There are the true fruits of “interfaith projects” and brotherhood building with Islamic forces.

Written by Ivar

4 thoughts on “Hitler used in Turkey promoting a shampoo

  1. There are so many german, english etc.. in Turkey too….
    You are big racist..
    Europe had killed jewish people and 500.000 jewish people escape to Ottoman empire….Did you forget those things or You don’t know anything? which one? We are not racist…
    We have never killed any ethnic group in our history….
    Those are secret war against us.

    1. Dear Mehmet Kula

      Shalom, and welcome to this site?

      You wrote:

      There are so many german, english etc.. in Turkey too….You are big racist..

      My comment:

      It is true that Germany and Great Britannia has massacred Jews too. Good old England expelled their Jews 1.000 years ago, when the King of England was under the Papacy in Rome.

      That Europeans have massacred Jews, to not make Turkey innocent.

      The truth is that all people who do not accept God of Israel and his Messiah Jesus, will end up in the wrong camp. Jew-hate is the very measure of Satan. He can not stand the chosen people of God, and all who support them. We see this in the Middle East today. We saw this during the Turkish genocide of Armenian Christians in 1915-1916 A.D 1,5 million people were slaughtered in the second largest Holocaust in our modern times.

      1. Hello,
        We respect all religion all time. İn the history and now. And we are seculer state. All citizens are equal.
        You are telling that we killed 1,5 millon Armenian. This is not true. You don’t know neutral history about it. It was a migration. Thay killid Ottoman citizen too. And thay were allied with enemy of ottoman empire. Thay were Ottoman citizen!!!You can not see this because you must be 100 years old. But now we see that you kill children in Palestine. How can you explain it? With your religion??

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