Hamas accuse Egypt of creating power-crisis in Gaza

There have been up to 18 hours of load shedding of power in Gaza the last week. The US urges all Americans to leave the ticking bomb.

Where "allah" is ruling, there is only violence and chaos. Here at the Rafa Crossing between Egypt and Gaza.

Egyptian Islamists blame remnants of Mubarak regime in the government for lingering hostility to Hamas.

The Muslim Brotherhood aims to open the Egyptian border with Gaza to commerce, a shift that would transform life for Palestinians there but which is hitting resistance from Egyptian authorities reluctant to change a longstanding policy.

The biggest party in Egypt’s new parliament, the Islamists are not yet in government but have been seeking ways to ease the impact of restrictions imposed by Israel and Egypt on what passes in and out of the territory run by Hamas, an ideological offshoot of the Brotherhood.

Aiming to ease chronic power shortages in Gaza, the Brotherhood recently lobbied the Egyptian government to conclude a deal to supply fuel for the territory’s sole power station.

“It’s the continuation of the Mubarak method in dealing with the Palestinian issue,” said Gamal Hishmat, the deputy chair of the Egyptian parliamentary committee on foreign affairs and a Muslim Brotherhood MP.

Source: Israeli Daily Haazretz

This is what the UPI has reported:

 WASHINGTON, March 20 (UPI) — U.S. citizens are called on to leave Gaza Strip immediately and be on high alert when traveling to Israel or the West Bank, the U.S. State Department advised.

 A cease-fire backed by leaders from the militant Islamic Jihad appeared to be holding in Gaza after a rockets were fired into Israel territory last week.

 In a travel warning, the State Department called on U.S. citizens in Gaza to leave immediately through the Rafah crossing to Egypt.

Source: The UPI

My comment:

There seems to be a huge gap between the rhetoric and realities in Egypt and the Gaza strip.

Since Islamic looting and anarchy brought Egypt down on her knees, there have been shortage of fuel and electricity in Egypt.

How is Egypt going to supply the Gaza strip with what they do not have?

The Hamas face problems with supplies from Israel. After the fresh round of 300 rockets fired into Southern Israel, you have to search for valid reasons for why Israeli should re-supply the area controlled by Islamic terrorists. Still yesterday, by pure mercy and grace, Israel let the Hams buy 450.000 liters of diesel to run the closed power plant.

The best way forward for the people in Gaza, is to renounce the Islamic Jihad.  Before that day, there will be no end of the pain, agony and suffering they have inflicted on them selves.

Written by Ivar

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