Sharia Laws enforced in the New York Times

The newspaper refused to print an advertisement who call Americans to take a stand against Islam.

Jill Abramson is the Executive Editor of the New York Times. Managing editor Dean Baquet left, and former top Bill Keller.

An exact copy of this add, that appealed against the Catholic Church, was accepted and printed.

The New York Times hearts religious freedom for Islam—chiefly because the New York Times suffers from Islamophobia

The real Islamophobia.

This pathetic ideology is based on the fear that Muslim extremists will swear out a fatwah on your sorry head if you so much as look cross-eyed at the “religion of peace”.

Blogger Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs saw an advertisement in New York Times, that told Catholics to leave their Church.  Geller decided to copy the add, but change the text to an appeal to Muslims to leave Islam.

The New York Times refused to print Geller’s advertisement. The explanation from the editors desk, was that such an add could ” endanger US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan”.

The top of an advertisement published by the New York Times.

This is the content of the advertisement, than appeal to Roman Catholics to leave the Vatican behind:

 It’s time to quit the Roman Catholic Church.

 It’s your moment of truth. Will it be reproductive freedom, or back to the Dark Ages? Do you choose women and their rights, or Bishops and their wrongs? Whose side are you on, anyway?

 It is time to make known your dissent from the Catholic Church, in light of the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops’ ruthless campaign endangering the right to contraception. If you’re part of the Catholic Church, you’re part of the problem.

Source: Hot Air

The top of the advertisement banned by the New York Times.

Fox News covered the story. Pam Geller is bluntly accusing the New York Times for accepting Sharia Laws.

 – The reason why they accepted the advertisement against the Roman Catholic Church, is that the board of directors knows that the Catholics will not come and kill them, explained  Geller.

My comment:

In a free and democratic nation, the citizens must feel free to warn others about the deceptions of both the Vatican and Mecca. And  even warn about the teaching of Jesus.

But the US is no longer a free and democratic nation. The American has elected a President who took Air Force One to Riyadh. There he accepted a medal of honor from the King of Saudi Arabia.  Obama was the first American with a Muslim father, who had become the Commander in Chief.

Obama calls Islam for the “religion of peace”. Saying this the Supreme commander of the US military forces submit to Sharia Laws. The first and foremost, is that anyone who defame the “Holy” Koran or the “Holy” Prophet must be punished.

The New York Times operates within the framework of Sharia Laws in the US, and will not be punished.

Jesus the Messiah said that those who are ashamed of Him, will perish. Simply because Jesus will be ashamed of them, and not stand as their advocate in front of the throne of our Father God in Heaven.  There is only One Advocate.  If you do not submit to Him, you will face stern judgment.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Sharia Laws enforced in the New York Times

  1. Christians would object to burning The Bible, also. I would not say the ads are equivalent. The first is patently wrong. I CANNOT read the small text in the Islam ad; I CAN SEE THE PICTURES. I think it is NOT outrageous to expect a people believing in what they consider sacred Scripture TO BE UPSET at its ill treatment BECAUSE OF THEIR BELIEF, AS WE WOULD FEEL. THE DIFFERENCE: the impression is that Muslims KILL… <3+Wendy

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