Red Ken: “No rich Jew would vote for Labor”

Anti-Jewish slur by former London Mayor Ken Livingstone defame Jewish community in United Kingdom.

Please pray for Ken Livingston. If He do not repent, He will perish as a committed supporter of radical Islam.

Ken Livingstone has again found himself embroiled in a race row after saying ‘rich Jews’ would never vote for him.

Ken Livingston and his wife.

The former London mayor, who is campaigning for re-election, made the comment while meeting Labour supporters in the Jewish community.

The left-winger, known as Red Ken, stands accused of anti-semitism for the comment, as well as using the word ‘Zionist’ as an insult and confusing the label ‘Israeli’ with ‘Jew’.

Jewish Labour supporters have written to party leader Ed Miliband, warning him to rein in Mr Livingstone or face losing vital support in the London race.

It is not the first time Mr Livingstone has caused offense to the Jewish community.

In 2005, he called a Jewish reporter from the London Evening Standard newspaper a ‘concentration camp guard’.

He blamed his defeat in the 2008 mayoral elections partly on the Board of Deputies of British Jews who he said collaborated with the Standard to ‘get rid’ of him.

Earlier this month, Chancellor George Osborne gave a damning verdict on Mr Livingstone at a dinner with the Community Security Trust, the Jewish group.

Mr Osborne described Mr Livingstone as “no friend of the Jewish community” and said London needed a leader “who respects all its citizens”.

Members of the London Jewish Forum, Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Leadership Council called a meeting with Mr Livingstone on March 1 to discuss why he supported radical Muslim cleric Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, and accepted money from Iranian state broadcaster Press TV.

Source: The Daily

My comment:

The alliance between the Labour Party in the UK and the Iranian regime is obvious. “Zionism” is their common enemy.

The Nazis accused the Jews for being “rich” and the enemy of the working class. The National Socialist Hitler claimed the Jews were controlling the World economy, and being the culprit behind the recession in the years 1929-1932.

Such false claims brought Hitler to power. The fruits were 60 million dead during World War II, including six million Jews gassed to death during the Holocaust.

It is strange that Democratic socialists and Islamic Jihadist’s stand together in their war on Israel. Because such socialists have more in common with Israel then Islam.  On all accounts.

Therefor every honest man will have to admit that there is no logic behind this new alliance. The truth is found in the spiritual dimension.

Satan hate Jews. Simply because they are God’s chosen people. Lucifer is a fallen angel on his way to the eternal flames of Hell.

All people who can not accept God of the Bible as their creator and Lord, will eventually end up in the same camp as Lucifer. They will worship the beast, and they will be disconnected from everything good for eternity.

Jesus the Messiah will return as a judge, as the Lion of Judah.  Ken Livingstone shall one day face His creator. If He do not repent, He will surely perish.

Written by Ivar

5 thoughts on “Red Ken: “No rich Jew would vote for Labor”

  1. let’s not forget the whole Catholic teaching (and thus most of the Reformers who were Catholic), that the jews no longer matter, they lost their chance by killing Jesus, which is also why preterism became a popular teaching. Hitler, who was Catholic, and got blessings from the Pope, was probably taught that garbage as a child, so it was only natural that he would kill the Jews. Calvin did, and Luther wanted to, as well as the Inquisition started by none other than the supreme Cathoic father, Augustine. I believe he was the one wh said that the Old Testament is OURS. (Or it may have been Irenaeus)

    1. Dear Ant Writes


      You are right about religious people worshiping Lucifer in the name of “Jesus”. But this is not the case with men like Ken Livingston. He is a secular man, and will most likely call him self a “humanist”. These people look on Israel and the Jews through secular eyes. Their logic is different.

      A: The rich in the UK has lots of money: Yes or no.

      B. The pore has less money than the rich: Yes or no.

      C: Many Jews are rich. Yes or no.

      D: We fight the rich, so we will have to fight the Jews.

      Muslims fight the Jews. They are our good partners.

  2. Agreed. Ive always believed anti-semitism is the devil’s doing. I believe we are closer to a repeat of Hitlers Ovens than we were in the 30’s! And we’re going in feet first thsi time, and no one is noticing or caring.

  3. As long as there has been a Chosen People of God, Satan has tried to wipe them out. The fact that Satan is still trying to wipe out the remnant of Israel (the Jewish people) is proof enough that God still has a mighty plan for them. They are the “wife of Jehovah” and we are the Bride of Messiah. One grave error that Christians have made, down through the centuries, is that the Church has replaced Israel. We are siblings with one another.

    Ever notice how much of the Old Testament is devoted to the theme of sibling rivalry and conflict? The accounts of Cain and Abel, Jacob and Esau, Joseph and his brothers, the children of King David. Even Jesus tells a tale of sibling rivalry in the parable of the Prodigal Son from Luke 15:11-32. The story works as a tale of redemption that Jesus’ hearers could readily identify. But there may be a subtler story there—partially hidden. The younger son could be seen to represent Gentile Christians (he went away and engaged in licentious living and ended up being tempted to eat from the pig trough). Even though the Gentile peoples spent many years running from God, He was, through His Son, calling all men to Himself. The older son, can be seen to represent faithful Jews. This older son is initially irritated with the father for welcoming the younger son back with a lavish banquet. I think of the early days of the Church when some Jewish believers, perhaps in the same envious spirit as the older brother, may have been somewhat resentful toward the Gentile Christians and sought to turn them into Jews before permitting them to become part of the Church. If I had been confronted with Judaizers in the early Church, I think I would have reminded them of the parable of the Prodigal Son. There were no pre-conditions for the father’s lavish love toward his younger son. After reminding the older son of how much he loves him, the father pleads with the older son to rejoice that his lost brother has been found. It is interesting that only Luke’s gospel contains the parable. Luke, as the only Gentile of the four gospel writers, may have seen a larger significance there for Gentiles and Jews in the early days of the Church.

    Israel has been wandering in the desert for these last two thousand years but they are back in the Land, albeit in unbelief. But, just as Ezekiel saw (Ezekiel 37) the Father is now summoning His Chosen back to their birthright by means of His Spirit. After the Bride is taken to heaven, Israel will take its place as God’s reborn people on earth. As Gentile believers, we must do everything we can to facilitate that rebirth. We must honor and love God’s Chosen, teaching about Messiah, as our time fades. Our role is ending and their time just began anew in 1948. When the Father miraculously placed them back in the Land–it startled the whole world. Many more amazing things are to come. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and pray for the Jewish people that they would withstand in the coming days of peril.

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