Armed Bedouin demonstrators in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula have lifted their siege of a base used by foreign peacekeepers.

Bedouin tribemen attend a tribal council tribunal in al-Arish city, north Sinai on 6th of March.

Egypt’s interim government recently announced that death sentences issued to three Beduin men.

They were convicted for being responsible for the Bombings at tourist locations in Taba in 2004, at Sharm el-Sheikh in 2005 and Dahab in 2006.  A total of 130 people were killed.

The MFO is an independent force formed to monitor the borders between Egypt and Israel following the 1979 peace accord. It consists of military staff from 12 countries including the US and France.

The Bedouin, who surrounded the camp belonging to the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO), reportedly reached an understanding with the authorities.

The UN Monitor camp in Qism El-Shaikh Zayed, North Sinai.

The authorities had been given until 16 April to release several jailed, they added. A committee will reportedly examine their demands.

Source: The BBC

My comment:

The bedouin’s in Sinai are not a righteous people, many of them animists and worshipers of the dead. But they are sick and tired of being blamed for Islamic terrorism.

Egypt needs to execute some scapegoats. The present military regime do not have the guts to arrest the true criminals. They are all voted into the new Egyptian parliament with a clear cut majority. They are all members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Both the Hamas and Israel tries to win the confidence of the Bedouins in Sinai. Weapons can not be smuggled into Gaza without paying “commission” to the tribal smugglers.  Those with most dollars in their pockets will make their way through the desert.

Written by Ivar