The PLO: We want One state solution

“We wants one-state solution, despite the endless problems it embraces”.

Ahmed Qurei, speaks the truth. The PLO wants to finish off the Zionist state of Israel by reducing the Jews to a minority.

These are the words of Ahmed Qurei, a former PLO Prime Minster.

He was one of the architects of the Oslo Accords. Saturday called on Palestinians to consider a one-state solution for Palestinians and Israelis instead of a two-state solution.

Voicing frustration and disappointment with the peace process, Qurei, who played a major role in secret and public negotiations with Israel over the past two decades, said that the “one-state solution, despite the endless problems it embraces, is one of the solutions that we should be contemplating through an internal dialogue.”

He said that the Palestinians should be talking publicly about the one-state solution, putting it on the table as an option and throwing in the face of Israel as “burning embers.”

Source:  Jerusalem Post

My comment:

I have always said that the “Two-state-solution” is a paper tiger. It is an invention of the UN, the Pope and politicians disconnected from the realities on the ground.

In 1948, the world got a kind of a “Two-state-solution”. It did not bring peace, but more war. The “peace plan” did not work from 1948 to 1967, and it will not work in the future.

In 1948, Syria occupied the  Golan.  Jordan occupied Judea and Samaria, and East Jerusalem. The Egyptian seized Gaza.

In 1967, Israel liberated the land the Muslims had occupied. First after they lost this war, they came up with the idea of supporting the formation of a independent “Palestinians state”.  A Piper tiger was let loose.

What the Muslims always have desired, is the total destruction of the state of Israel. That can best be done by annihilation.

If 3-4 million Muslims are permitted to become “Israeli citizens”, this statehood will cease to be a Jewish state. The Zionist state would be gone. Because in a One state solution the sons of Muhammad will reign, and enforce all to live under Sharia laws.

This is the truth

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “The PLO: We want One state solution

  1. friend, you bring up a good point… if Israel AS IT IS CURRENTLY GOVERNED does allow a one-state solution, they will indeed be overrun & outvoted in a short time. However, Israel would NOT be , in my opinion, IF Israel would govern according to Torah. In Torah, HaShem tells the people that the Land is HIS Land, and NO ONE may live there UNLESS THEY OBEY HIM. This can be easily seen in such places as Exodus 12:49, Leviticus 24:22, Leviticus 18:26, and others. If Israel will follow and ENFORCE the Torah, it will save them ! Torah does not allow a man to multiply wives; one wife per man is what HaShem ordained at the beginning.

  2. ………………… addition to this basic principle, there is simple common sense: no nation anywhere else, is ever required or expected to annihilate itself. If Israel is required to give voting rights etc to hostile people literally overnight (as in a one-state “solution”), of course she will be voted into death. But why insist on an overnight change ??? why not make the change gradual? why not require the Arabs to send their children to be taught in Hebrew, by Israeli (Jewish) teachers? why not forbid the existence of “summer camps” that train arab children to hate all hews? why not ?? really, there is no good reason to forbid it. These [arab] people have been taught to hate since they were in diapers. If they are to live in a mixed society without getting into trouble for hostile activities, (hostile because of the attitude drilled into them all their lives ), they MUST be both required and helped to leave behind their hatred. In my opinion, only HaShem can change a human heart — but (also in my opinion) we humans can make the job easier or harder by what environment we allow the children to grow up in. So i propose any one who wants to be a citizen of Israel must learn Hebrew, PROVE they are good citizens by leading a law-abiding life, refrain from taking more than one wife, attending Israeli schools,and — most of all — waiting at least 10 years, preferably 20, before having the right to vote or run for office in Israel. Other aspects of a gradual change are of course open to suggestion; I simply suggest the idea of a gradual change rather than an overnight one, which is not realistic given the deep hatred drilled into the arabs since infancy. Shalom.

  3. I doubt this will go anywhere. Three points from the article underline this.

    1) “endless problems.”

    2) “PA President Mahmoud Abbas has come out against the onestate solution, emphasizing over and again that the two-state solution remains the first and last option for the Palestinians.”

    3) “Qurei’s call for a one-state solution for Israelis and Palestinians came shortly after large posters promoting the idea appeared on billboards in various parts of the West Bank.
    It was not clear who was behind the posters favoring a one-state solution. However, Fatah activists were quick to remove the posters.”

    There is a one state solution that will work, when the Lord rules from Jerusalem.

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