Baptist church that backs Israel troubled by Palestinian Authority

The First Baptist Church in Bethlehem was ordered closed by the Palestinian Authority on Saturday.

Pastor Khoury at desk and shown at Bethlehem’s First Baptist Church with congregants and Christian American supporter

This is according to Rabbi Russell Resnik of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations.

Resnik reported the incident after meeting with Pastor Steven Khoury, the son of First Baptist’s head pastor, Naim Khoury.

“Steven told me that…a representative of the Palestinian authority showed up at his father’s church in Bethlehem and told him to shut the doors–they were closing down the church,” wrote Resnik.

The Palestinian officials reportedly did not specify why they were closing the church, but Steven, who pastors his own church in Jerusalem, told Resnik that it must be because of his family’s support for Israel.

Observers have noted with suspicion that the threats of closure of First Baptist in Bethlehem came just one day after the Christ at the Checkpoint conference, which was organized and hosted by Bethlehem-based Christian leaders who do not support Israel’s restoration.

Messianic blog Rosh Pina Project noted that Salam Fayyad, prime minister of the same Palestinian Authority who gave fresh threats to First Baptist, had only days earlier attended and addressed Christ at the Checkpoint

In 2009, Steven Khoury was interviewed by CBN on the true reason for the suffering of Bethlehem’s Christians. You can view that video here:

Source: Israel Today

My comment:

Christians who intermingle with Muslims persecuting Evangelical Christian friends of Israel, are doing the devil’s work.

Pastor Khoury faced Sharia Laws, for supporting the "little Satan" who do not live in submission to Islam.

The United Nations (UN) and the World Council of Churces (WCC) claim “Palestine” to be a safe area for Christians.

This is a huge lie. 

“Palestine” is truly a safe area for Catholics and dead Christianity, who live in submission to Islamic rules and regulations.

Shame on all who starts to present Islamic lies on Israel as the truth.

If you are going to escape eternal damnation, you have to repent and beg Jesus of the Bible for mercy.

Written by Ivar

14 thoughts on “Baptist church that backs Israel troubled by Palestinian Authority

  1. Hi Ivar,
    This also comes in the wake of the Grand Mufti’s declaration that all churches should be destroyed. Although, he did try to walk some of his statement back saying, that there should be no churches allowed in Kuwait. He based his order on a Hadith which basicaly says that only Islam must be allowed to exist. As we know it dosen’t take much for muslims to react with murder and violence.

  2. With respect to the persecution of Bethlehem Baptist Church by Palestinian Authority, I invite you to this new resource:


    Part III is devoted to the Second Coming and the confiscation of the Promised Land of Israel and its ultimate borders.

    The PA and Islam in general will try to close down and take over ALL of Israel, but the Lord will guarantee that it will be Palestine that is taken over completely and given to the Jews!

    Kindest regards in Christ,

    James Sundquist

  3. My statement that the Palestinian Authority told Pastor Naim Khoury “to shut the doors–they were closing down the church” in Bethlehem is not accurate. After a further conversation with Pastor Steven Khoury, I realize that the church was told that the Palestinian Authority no longer considers them legitimate and will no longer accept any paper work from them, such as baptismal or wedding certificates. Obviously, this remains a matter of grave concern, and appears to be a serious infringement of religious freedom. I apologize for creating confusion by my earlier statement that the church is being shut down. Thank you.

    1. Dear Russ Resnik.

      Shalom, and love in Yeshua.

      I got a message from Jerusalem about the misunderstanding, and changed the story. I have written “troubled”, not shut down.

      Apology accepted. May God of Israel bless you and keep you. Amen.

      1. Thanks for your reply, and your blessing too, but please note that the church isn’t shut down as I wrongly reported in the story. It is not considered legitimate by the PA government, which is bad enough, but it is still open for worship and service.

  4. I am glad to hear that First Baptist Church of Bethlehem has not been shut down. Hearing that it had been shut down really grieved me. I always keep this bright light in Bethlehem in my prayers. It is fitting that in the place of our Messiah’s birth their should be such a church with such a faithful witness. May the God of Israel protect and bless Pastor Naim Koury and his church.


    1. Why the “shouting”, Manny? This website is set up as a support to the nation of Israel, as one of its main purposes. We are quick to condemn any evidence of anti-semitism anywhere—whether it is exists among Musliims or those who claim to know Christ. The true Church always has a great love for the Jewish people, as well as the nation of Israel. But the true Church is under attack everywhere on the earth. This has always been so from its beginning but never more than now. Satan has stepped up his efforts against the Church as well as the nation of Israel because “…he knows that his time is short.” Shalom.

  6. It is so sad how many Christians are like sheep, always blindly follow whatever Israel wants, PLEASE No war with Iran and losing more American lives, your fight is yours!! NOT the USA’s fight!
    While Israel is killing Christians in Palistine and won’t even aknowlegde the Armenian Halocaust(the first christian nation) because they want to be the ONLY victims, American Christians do NOTHING for their brotherhood, SAD TIMES

    Close to 5,000 of our American boys lost their lives along with two and half trillion spent to protect ..Israel from “WEAPONS OF MASS-DESTRUCTION, remember? Now Iran is a threat to Zionist Israel and they want us to do their fighting!! NO to WAR for ISRAEL against IRAN!.

    1. Bob,
      You haven’t the slightest notion of just how important our relationship with Israel is. America has been blessed above any other nation. These blessings have a direct corralation to our friendship with Israel and the jewish people.
      Secondly, you are both ilinformed and blind, concerning Iran and their end times beliefs. I’ll see if I can encapsulate it for you. Iran believes that the Madhi will return at the end of days, to lead a revived caliphate in a global conquest for Islam. The Lord Yeshua, (Jesus) will defend Israel and will utterly destroy Israel’s enemies.
      America is acting just like Essau, who sold his birth right for a bowl of soup. If we continue to capitulate to Islam, and to throw Israel under the bus, it is we who will be crushed.
      America is in rapid decline, and if we do not return to G’d, and repent, with fasting and prayer, then we will be the ones who will be under the hellish yoke of Islam.

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