Israel does well in media war

Israel’s supporters were pleasantly shocked over the weekend at the timely and savvy Israeli media response to the rocket fire from Gaza.

The IDF must not only win all battles on the battlefield. Israel must also win the media wars.

The real-time media battle was joined by Twitter account #Israelunderfire and @IDFSpokesperson, as well as the YouTube channels of the IDF, Prime Minister’s Office and Foreign Ministry.

Residents of Israeli cities hit by rockets also posted videos with commentary on YouTube within minutes of attacks, garnering thousands of hits and re-posts around the world, some of which found their way into the coverage of major media outlets in different countries.

“1 million Israelis live every day with 15 seconds to run for their life in case of a rocket attack,” was tweeted on Friday, leading to countless re-Tweets all over the world.

“So often Israel wins on the battlefield but still loses because the media battle is totally ignored,” said one longtime Israel supporter. “We’ve been begging them for years to take this seriously, and it looks like they finally did it.”


My comment:

If I judge the winner of the media war from what I see on BBC and CNN, and read in Norwegian papers:

Yes, Israel is getting some points out to the people.

Almost all the media has reported, that “dozens” of rockets has been fired into Southern Israel form Gaza.

Few journalists comments on this fact, and ask:

What would we have done if Islamic terrorists had fired “Dozens” of rockets into our town or city?

I guess the answer would be: We would have to do what the people of Israel are doing. Bid to stop or silence the terrorists.

Unfortunately, the Jew-haters of all colors would not come to the same conclusion. They feel that if Islamic terrorists achieve the goals, there will be no need to fire rockets anywhere. We would all live in submission to Islam.

Not all who have this view on Islam and Israel.

Such naive persons would not survive the very next day. They would themselves be slaughtered by blood stained swords of Muslims, or simply face a quick ritual of public beheading.

Written by Ivar

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