Hundreds of enraged Jordanian students protest Israeli expert’s participation in conference, succeed in canceling his lecture‬‬.

‪‪Hundreds of Jordanian students rallied outside Amman’s University of Jordan on Thursday in protest of a scheduled lecture by an Israeli expert at a mental health conference.

The protesters demanded that Dr. Gideon Anholt’s lecture be canceled and called on authorities to expel the Israeli ambassador from Jordan and cancel the 1994 peace treaty.


My comment:

When you look at these kind of videos, you can feel the force of the present antisemitism and Jew-hate in the Arab World

One lonely Jewish professor is not permitted to teach about the fruits of the Israeli-Jordan peace agreement. The “Palestinians” in Jordan do not want peace. They want war.

For the unclean spirit of “allah”, the state of Israel is an abomination. The followers of Muhammad is called to Jihad, to get the Jewish state deleted or destroyed. At any cost.

As long as the state of Israel stands, the Islamic religion stands exposed as an ideology based on lies and cheating. “allah” is no god at all, and Muhammad is a false prophet.

In stead of abiding in the truth, the Arab World take pleasure in their wickedness, hate and promotion of violence.

Jesus bluntly says that all who use the sword shall fall by the sword.  In the end eternal punishment, and a life in the eternal flames of Hell.

Written by Ivar