All schools in a radius of 40 kilometers from Gaza are closed.

The World feels pity for an Islamic rockets commander who were killed in an Israeli airstrike, and wows to destroy the Jewish state.

More rockets fired from Gaza as violence in Israel’s south runs into second night

School canceled for hundreds of thousands of students in Israel’s south on Sunday, after over 110 rockets fired at Israel from Gaza since Friday; Palestinian sources report 16 killed in Gaza.

Nearly one million Israelis in the area under attack – the weekend numbers are the worst since Operation Cast Lead in January 2009.

Early on Sunday morning, the IDF struck a site in the Gaza Strip, and Palestinian sources reported that one Palestinian was killed and one injured as a result of the strike, according to an Army Radio report.


My comment:

I know what the US would have done, if one million Americans had to stay in bomb shelters because of 110 rockers fired from El Paso in Mexico.

The US Army would have been lead into a military operation 100 times more powerful than Operation Cast lead in Gaza in 2009. Mexico would have been literally devastated.

But Israel can not do that.

Because there is a totally different moral standard set up for the Jewish people. Since they have have been slaughtered in one Holocaust they must accept that another Islamic Holocaust is justified.

Hamas must be permitted to rule in Gaza, and Israel forced to supply the regime with food, electricity and building materials.

The United Nation (UN) will be the guards and protectors of the Islamic Revolution.  Only when the Jewish statehood is defeated, the UN will have reached its goals. The mistake the UN did in 1948, must be revoked.

The evil and wickedness of the World comes unlimited in regards to the Global response to Israel. We who love the Jewish Messiah Yeshua, knows that Satan has deceived the World to follow his instruction.

 John 3:19

This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.

Written by Ivar